I thought I’d take time out today to show off some other people’s blogs. Although numerous individuals are against showing of other peoples stuff or sort of blog advertising, I personally have nothing against it, and it offers different views, ideas etc that I may not have, and may fill the holes that other viewers and passers by may be looking for. 

Today I thought I’d show of the following two blogs that belong to two members of the Guild Wargames; Winttrix’s ‘Ultramodern war’ (http://ulltramodernwar.blogspot.com/) and Gowan’s ‘Oronegro’ Project (http://gowansprojectsandideas.blogspot.com and http://gowansmodelblog.blogspot.com) both have extremely good idea’s or concepts in which to base your near future stuff, and certainly employ the ‘make believe’ state to their advantage in staging their miniature conflicts. Winttrix’s blog seems to follow the more Eastern European/Arma 2 where an Ex-Soviet state becomes the hot zone between the West and Russia, whereas in Gowan’s it is more of a case of a multitude of factions facing of against each other in a South American state which also happens to have its own agenda. Both i’d say are more on the ball then my World War 3 scenario, as I do not believe they have any plans to go crazy with zombies, aliens, robots and other monsters roaming about the place as humanity exits a brutal and horrendous war. Furthermore, at least where I stand, they definitely paint stuff better then I did when I was at the same age, and in some cases utterly exceed me! 

So do go and check them out! 

Next up is a next set of releases, this time from Under Fire Miniatures! Who has expanded his Osprey British range! I think the detail on these figures is awesome, and go very well with Elhiems stuff (beforehand some of Elhiems stuff was smaller, but its caught up in scale!) Check em out!




As a sidenote, I don’t believe I reported the release of the new ZANLA African’s by Under Fire miniatures, and its worth checking them out as well as their purposes and numerous indeed!

To finish the entry of is something I’m quite excited about, check these guys out that Elhiem is working on…


Modern French soldiers! FINALLY! They are still works in progress, but expect to see these guys about soon!

Elhiem is also replacing the USMC sniper team which he had to remove from sales due to the mould being worn out; here is the latest more accurate and longer lasting mould Mark 2 USMC sniper team! 





New stuff for July (So far)!

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Hey all, its been a while since the last post! However, here is the latest stuff up for grabs for all you Modern/Near near future war gamers out there!

First up we have some new releases from Elhiem! Recently Matt has extended the British Osprey range, adding much needed heavy weapons, mortars and snipers/sharpshooters, allowing folks to now field a complete British unit with all the necessary equipment! Here are some pics from Elhiem’s site! If you want to get a better look at them, head on over there and take a peak (for some reason the site dislikes these pictures, so they aren’t the proper size!).


Next is a release from Hobbyden! Hobbyden have recently re-released a BTR 60PB; This vehicle can be used from 1961 onwards to the present day, it is used by dozens of countries today, some containing 100s of working BTR-60PBs in their military inventories currently. Russia also has plenty of them in reserve, though its unknown how many are operable. I’ll certainly be getting some to bolster my Caliphate army in the future! 

Next is a very interesting release by MJ Figures these were released in late June, so i’m a bit late brining the news here; they have recently been releasing some troops for use in the Georgian forces for the 2008 Ossetian war; they will also be good for current Georgian troops, despite the countries overhaul of its forces following the War. Here is a small pic of their first release, more will be on their way pretty soonish!

On a final note, S&S Models also has released (as well as re-released) some new stuff this month. S&S has refurbished the old BTR80 resin model, and has redone the two different turret options (one for a BTR80 and the other a BTR80a), recently on the guild wargames S&S showed these pics to give an idea of whats now available;

Other releases included the following;

A Unimog!

And this strange looking vehicle listed as a SWB open Cab (the crew, storage and bull bar is all extra pieces and not sold with the item, as far as I know)

S&S has also released some more scenery pieces, such as destroyed vehicles, craters and rubble etc to help litter your battlefield with some stuff for your troops to fight over/hide behind! So do go and check it out!

I think as things are, new releases have been pretty slow on the Modern’s front (it could just be me), however those which have come to being have been pretty stunning thus far, and my favourite has to be without a doubt the new releases by MJ figures. 



The Jackal2 and Coyote are without a doubt, all out awesome, I have yet to see anything which can rival these in detail save for perhaps B.W models. However, these are far easier to get your hands on, and as far as I am aware, a lot cheaper, the Coyote will be almost unique to MJ figures, especially on the cheap availability front. Of course if you want a cheaper option feel free to check up on S&S models (both MJ figs and Sands models links are in the tab on the left!) who also have some Jackals up for sale (of which I own three, and can say that, despite needing some work on them, are very good too!). Personally these have to be some of my favourite Modern Military Vehicles about. A few years ago I once had the honour of meeting a few Royal Marines showing the Jackal of at an Agricultural show, and they were more than happy to discuss at length how the vehicle works, and how it has been tailored to the soldiers needs; a fine piece of kit by all accounts. 

Next up is a new release from S&S Models. Now I’m slightly guilty of not keeping up to date with S&S models, since he seems to release things quite regularly, or at least very low key, and you need to keep up to date with guild goings on to figure it out sometimes. However here are the latest, some of these might be quite old releases by now, but nonetheless. 



Now, as you will probably agree these look fab! I believe that Shaun at S&S has been slowly redeveloping many of his old kits (he recently released some BMP1s and 2s, which are redone casts, and a far higher quality than before) and putting them at a higher standard. This means good news for those who have complained to me at least, about some of the casting defects or bubbles that on occasion can infest some of their models (though I have had similar problems with numerous Britannia resins, which i’d say, in some instances can be pretty bad) Either way, I will definitely be getting some of these… at some point!

Next is some fairly old news from Hobbyden, that many of you may know, but for those who don’t is worth putting out there or reminding you. Hobbyden has recently taken over the old MMS range and revamped them. One of his latest releases from this revamped MMS range is the MTLB. Unlike the MMS range these will have a Resin hull, rather than metal.


Hobbyden has tried to keep the prices reasonable (though hopefully not so much to the point it would be at his expense) which is very decent of him. The Kits look fab, and I do intend to get a few for my Caliphate forces. These would also be great for numerous other states, and is still used by Russian forces today although it appears many claim they are no longer in service. More of course are to be released over time. 

Under Fire Miniatures has also been busy! Lately they have released some British Bobbies (cops, pigs, police, Feds, whatever you wish to call them!) and as always the quality is fantastic! These will be perfect for my British Civil War or Britain in Revolt! 



Under Fire has recently said they will be releasing more Modern Brits and various troops for Rhodesian War. The Latter will also probably have uses for troops in other wars, including current or future conflicts! 

Last but not least, Elhiem have released some new AVRN for Vietnam as well as some WW2 stuff. Now of course, I normally don’t dabble in WW2 much, and probably will never have enough money to ever dabble in Vietnam. But either way, i’m putting it out there for all you WW2 and Vietnam fans! 




What is more interesting of course are the odd snipets of information Matt sometimes lets loose in the Guild Forum. Apparently he has made castings for weapons such as the AEK and the AN-94, meaning Russian Armoured troops, which i’m very much looking forward too! He of course plans to do troops for all the various Coalition forces in Afghanistan, and recently mentioned making some weapons for the Modern French Army!!! Which means that hopefully soon, we will be able to actually be able to create a Modern French Force! 

As another Heads up, Elhiem has fairly recently finished of the ranges for his Modern Brits (or at least, made the stuff you will definitely need to have a well armed fighting force) as well as added to his Insurgent range. Do check these out, for as always, the quality is extremely good. 

My own ‘news’ 

Yup, my own little section; at the moment I’am still putting stories together, I’am currently working on the Russian (The Bear Roars) story, as the next main instalment. In honesty there is so much to actually write, though it all needs the proper amount of research and time to get it out their in a decent enough way. I’am going to be revisiting some of my old pieces; most of them are fine. But my writing skills have developed a lot since I first started. 

The other thing is actually trying to finish some armies of. My U.S Marines, Caliphate and British are all nearly in the clear. But like most war gamers we often have a bad habit of jumping ahead of ourselves. My Modern’s will probably always be the priority, with 15mm Sci fi coming a clear second (of which I will be getting back to) but to put it bluntly, a friend of mine commented that my room is starting to look like Nato, although between then and now it looks more like the U.N. Thus things need some sorting out. 

It will be slow mind. Since University is now, thankfully over, its time to start finding other things to do; primarily work. Of course given how the Economy is going, work isn’t the easiest thing to come by, at least ones with wages you can live on. 

On another note, I may also be pretty slow because this will soon be released.


You guessed it, Battlefield 3 Close Quarters. Bad Company 2 is what got me interested in gaming Moderns, rather than just studying it, and Battlefield 3 has certainly done its own bit in keeping that alive. I have never been a Modern Warfare player, since I found the game to be too action man styled for my tastes and it lacked vehicles. My wish with Battlefield 3 is one day they will make a Zombie or Alien DLC pack (Can you imagine how awesome it would be if they had the things from Battle:Los Angeles in this game?!?!) but that will probably never happen. Either way if your on the Xbox for a spell and your buddies have abandoned you, or you need support, drop us a note. Tag is the same as my WordPress Tag: Hellvern 


Excidio Britannia; Part 4.

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Just as a heads up, I’ve just updated the Excidio Britannia background with Part 4, a continuation of the Welsh revolt and the collapse of the South of England. It has been a much needed addition, since the background apparently has not been updated since the 28th of August! 


Here are some ‘works in progress’ i’ve recently picked up some of my old plastic Moderns from Caesar, I can honestly say I’m not a great fan of plastics, though some are quite useful. The Brit for instance is a fairly recent box set release from Caesar, and i’ve decided since their gear is fairly old (2006-2009ish Gear) they are going to be used as Royal Military Police, Reserves, perhaps even RAF regiment and some will go towards the Rebel/Fascist forces for Excidio Britannia (though they will be in more generic camo, similar to the one worn in Children of Men etc). The former of course will be rushed into combat against the Caliphate or Hordes of Russians, and I’ve tried to get the camo right for current British soldiers in Afghanistan, which would suit for wars in the desert, and would probably get put on as supplies dwindle in Scandinavia (although I believe OCP camo is for almost all terrain). 

Next up of course is the American Army, these figures being Metal Elhiem troops, i’m not sure how these are going, i’ve tried to do ACU camo, but it looks more like an old generic city camo. It’ll probably do fine for U.S troops waging war across the Toxic plains of China, or through the shredded cities of Japan in ten years time, but I have doubts if its accurate. Either way, they are great figs, and i’ll definitely buy more as well as buy into Wartime American’s to bulk out the general force. 



On another note, MJ figures have released some Giant Alien worms and figures for its sci-fi range ‘Sand Wars’ the worms definitely have a very Dune/Tremors feel about them, and would be great for a nasty surprise for folks in the back of beyond (I’m getting around to sticking up the background for the Alien forces/monsters, although one force probably won’t have figures for them in a long time; its a project on the go, a sort of idea, since I have many Alien types in mind, and although this one isn’t unique, it may well be a first for sci-fi, they also of course set the foundation for my 15mm sci fi and the setting which is a follow on, but a BIG WIP) 

The Worm Pics are from MJ figures site, a lot of what this company produces will come much in handy for 20mm Sci Fi, especially vehicle wise. Elhiem, is also the only other company producing 20mm sci fi that is easily accessible (Liberations Little Green Men really do not count) and will also be very useful!

Planning for a World War.

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Well to make it official, I’am back for a lot longer than the previous time I ‘returned’, I’ve been busy painting up the next wave of figures primarily from Elhiem, and another array of vehicles and other goodies to bulk out my already existing forces and new ones! Some new backgrounds/fluff is definitely on its way, with some new stuff for the fate of the Middle East, including those Middle Eastern states resisting Caliphate expansion (Primarily Lebanon and Saudi Arabia; U.A.E, Israel, Oman and Egypt etc later).

However, i’m also looking towards the Third World War fluff, for which this blog is mostly based around. I’m just sorting out where to put it all since there is admittedly quite a lot going on. It also doesn’t cover the major pre-campaigns, the Caliphate Wars being one of, but the other is the ‘undercover’ Russian Civil War, which results in the dramatic coming to power of a Russian Fascist (could even be described as Neo-Nazi) Government. However here is a short summary plan of WW3; 

-In 2021, China suffers a massive environmental collapse; huge areas of its land becomes uninhabitable, pushing its ability to house its massive population to the brink. Furthermore, China’s reliance on resources from Africa to feed its massive industry is almost decimated, when India, a rival economic power muscles in on the dwindling supply lines, causing huge economic upheaval, China nearly crumbles. Without warning, China launches a lightning strike against nearly all its neighbours, with Pakistan, North Korea, Bangladesh and Indonesia coming to its aid; its main strikes being centred at India, Russia and Japan, in an attempt to wipe out all major economic/military rivals, and gain control of the lightly populated, resource rich Russian East. The United States responds, declaring war and despatching a large force to repel Chinese forces intent on destroying its allies in the Pacific. In Europe there is a War scare; Britain is thrown into a state of Civil War, with the remainder of its armed forces deemed ‘disloyal’ deployed on mainland Europe by the Nationalist Government. 

-2022, The African continent becomes a Free for all. At the start of the war numerous African countries call their support for China, whilst others decide to support the West, causing some conflicts. Both Europe, America and China begin funding their own private armies which wage a war for resources. The Caliphate in the midst of the chaos launches a Jihad in North Eastern Africa, funding Islamic Warlords, to do its own bidding and freely supports Somalian piracy. Meanwhile, a mysterious Warlord, calls for Africans to unite against the foreigners and their ‘servants’ and wages a War of African liberation. South Africa despite claiming neutrality, is forced to act as the violence intensifies. 

-2025, Russia, hard pressed to fuel the war effort against China, closes down all its exports of fossil fuels, food and weaponry to all outside states, save for India and the ‘Near Abroad’. Europe, which has become heavily reliant on Russian fuel and food is faced with the prospect of an energy crises and worse still widespread starvation. Lead by Germany, a European Army is deployed along the borders between Russia, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Finland declares neutrality and denies Europe from deploying forces against Russia in its country, whilst Sweden and Norway agree to host British, Dutch, Belgian, Danish and Irish troops as a precaution against attack. Late 2025, Europe attacks the Russian state, its forces brush aside light Russian resistance. Poland leads an assault against Russia’s ally Belarus, whilst Germany leads the main assault on Russia, the Allies get to within reach of Moscow and St Petersburg before hitting heavy resistance. The war becomes a stalemate. America condemns European actions. 

-2027 Russia unleashes a wave of offensives against Europe and China. In Eastern Russia the offensives achieve very little, on the other hand, a Russian offensive on Ukraine almost wipes out the Ukrainian army, which retreats to its capital. The sudden threat of invasion causes all out chaos in the Balkans, with Romania and Bulgaria threatening to support Russia, whilst the former Yugoslavian states begin openly fighting each other. Turkey, which up until now, was busy handling sporadic border clashes with the Caliphate threatens to attack Russia if it continues its advance, whilst factions within Greece squabble amongst themselves over whether to support Russia or not. Russia also unleashes a devastating offensive against Finland, cutting the country in two and laying siege to Helsinki. With the Finns trapped, it invades Sweden where it becomes bogged down in Stockholm; the battle for Sweden’s capital becomes one of the bloodiest battles of the War. 

-2028 The U.S.A hoping to end the War with China soon to avoid collapse on the home front attempts one last ditch attempt to beat China into submission, with its forces fighting all across the Western pacific, from North Korea, Vietnam and even in the Northern provinces of China itself. A combined offensive using American, Russian, Indian and other allied state forces to crush China’s military capability fails with massive casualties on both sides. In desperation, the U.S Government authorises unleashing a prototype weapon on the PRC; a virus designated Mark ‘V’. 

-2029 Russian forces are defeated  in Stockholm. Allied forces shortly afterwards land in Finland, relieving Helsinki, only to learn the bulk of the Russian army has left. Fighting however continues in Western Russia, until November 2029, when Europe and Russia declare a ceasefire, and agree to end the war before a nuclear exchange. In the East, the U.S begins a hasty withdrawal from the Pacific, causing as much destruction to Chinese infrastructure in its wake. As the last U.S Warship heads home, Russia still fighting China, nukes Shanghai. The Chinese Government attempts to retaliate, however, by circumstances still unknown, is stopped. The Third World War, thus comes to an end, but the fighting continues. 

Okey, so thats the quick summary, loads of details being left out (I didn’t even mention campaigns in the Caucasus) however I hope to cover a lot of it as I go a long, there are hundreds of campaigns fought in each theatre, and of course there are plenty of minor campaigns happening elsewhere. The general conclusion to WW3 though, as you may have noticed, is not a good one for all sides involved! 

Just a little update

Elhiem has just released his IOTV U.S soldiers. These will be great for numerous roles within the U.S army (and beyond if you’ve got the imagination!). They’d be great for Hollywood Alien/Zombie invasion situations!

On top of this, some Alien/Sci Fi monsters are on their way. Do check out the Elhiem site and see them for yourselves!

Check out the manufacturers links to the left for a quick route to the Elhiem site!


Pre-Painted? Resin?? Kits?!?!

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There seems to be no end of 20th-21st century vehicles popping up in 20mm these days. Aside from the lack of 20mm Modern Chinese vehicles (Only S&S do any of the vehicles the modern day chinese use, only the Type 59 is ever available and thats just a renamed T-55!) the market is absolutely swarming with them.

There is lots to choose from, but which do you go for??

It appears in the last few years the world got bored of producing just WW2 German tanks, Shermans or the odd Modern day Abram and actually got into gear producing everything else. Why this is I have no idea but the amount of variety nowadays is truly astounding, and allows those of us who want to game Wars in the modern world a lot to choose from.

Of course you can’t get every vehicle in 20mm, and you certainly won’t be able to find, for instance a vehicle that released as a kit, as a pre-painted or in resin etc. So sometimes unless we really hate another ‘format’ we may have to occasionally simply go for whats available.

Cost is another factor, I for instance could easily buy (and have bought) 3 tanks from S&S that may cost me about £27, but if I bought the same vehicle as a kit it may cost me double that amount. In fact in many cases kits are now more expensive then pre-painted stuff, which says a lot (not including some hobby companies that produce metal kits which can be a lot cheaper than big-company plastic kits). Why buy something you have to sit down and spend hours in not days to build and then paint when you can buy things that need little construction or only a slightly better paint job/sprucing up and hit the table straight away?

I myself prefer Resins and Pre-painted over kits by far.

But what does everybody else think?


Hey all!

After a fairly long period of time spent mucking about elsewhere (and rediscovering the password to my blog) I think its time for a new post. First up however is, if you haven’t heard already the newish releases from Elhiem. These were released a few weeks back (if not a month back) but just in case you haven’t heard, i’ll share whats new!

For the most part pics have yet to be released for all the products now made available. However if you check out the Cold War NATO page, you should find the following…

  1. Cold War Brits (BOAR) which would be suitable for the Falklands conflict as well as a ‘Cold War gone Hot’ scenario. They are available to look at on the http://www.guildwargamers.com/ site in the Hobby News section on Elhiems thread. Although keep in mind the majority on their figures being sculpted, not the final product.
  2. Amongst these are also some U.S types in the M1 Helm, as well as the later K-POT troops, such as…

These are from Elhiems site, and are for now the only pack (there is also only one pack of M1 helmet Early Cold War U.S troops) but it is likely to be a range that is expanded later on, due to the popularity of the Cold War for war gamers.

On top of this have been a few other releases for the WARPAC range, such as new pack for WARPAC Germans to flesh out the already existing ones.

Elhiem Sci Fi.

Now here is some REALLY interesting stuff. Elhiem has released his first pack of Sci Fi Troopers in Light Body Armour, called ‘Armoured Fed Troops’ although there are no pics on the site, this prompted me to ‘borrow’ a pic from the Guild Wargames forum, just to emphasise the detail. I will probably get some of these later, paint them up, just to give you guys a good look (And save pinching Elhiems own pics).

I hope this range expands, and look forward to later releases, I have wondered if the old GZG 25mm Tanks would fit perfectly with these, so will test that out at a later date as well.

Elhiem Commission Work. 

As mentioned before in earlier posts I have been paying for Elhiem to do some sculpts, the sculpts being Modern Irish Army troops. The Second arrived not too long ago, though the third is on hold until I can gather some spare funds (paying for driving lessons etc does put a hole in your wallet). However do have a peek! The one standing is the first sculpt completed by Elhiem, one that I have painted up yet haven’t based. The other kneeling down is the second!

MJ Figures

Elhiem hasn’t been the only company releasing new goodies this past month. MJ Figures has also released some Mercenary figures on their site a few days back. Pop over and check them out in ‘new products’ here is a few pics from MJ’s Site.

These look they’d be fantastic for more than just mercenaries; Zombie survivors, Western Rebels, Adventurers etc. From the pics available they look great, so a future purchase from MJ is probably in order.


Although this was posted up on the guild by another member (who goes by the name of Piers) I thought it was important enough to share on here, just in case some viewers are not from the Guild War games. Piers recently got in contact with Andy of Grubby Tanks/Britannia, in order to figure out the situation of things. It has to be said we all get extremely annoyed when the things we have bought take a very long time to reach us (Cromwell is the apparent King of taking its time, but I have never ordered from them so won’t comment) and Britannia has received a lot of flak lately because of this. However, hopefully this will shed some light on why, and make us feel far more inclined to be patient. Here is what Piers posted after getting in contact with the owner of the mentioned companies…

I spoke to Andy recently so I thought I would pass on a little info.

As you know Andy works full-time at a real job and runs both Grubby Tanks and Britannia in his spare time. He has been overwhelmed with orders in the last few weeks in the run-up to Xmas and was also forced to work out of the UK for a time. Added to this he has had to redo a number of Britannia moulds that have failed as he doesnt want to send out pour casts and due to demand he is simply unable to keep a stock of the Britannia resins, they just sell out too fast. Simply put he has been astonished at the demand and its outstripping production. 

In order to clear the backlog he has taken on some help, to do the packing and admin, thus allowing him to concentrate on getting stuff produced. All Grubby Tanks ranges are fine and instock, and should go out fairly quickly, but Britannia orders may take longer. 

He hopes to have the backlog cleared in the next two to three weeks and try to get things on an even keel and build up some stocks ready for the show season. 

So if you are waiting on orders (longer than 28 days) or are missing items – Email him. He will get it, and though he may not respond as he is so busy, he will get things sorted.

Hopefully this sheds some light on any problems some of you may be having in regards to your orders from Grubby/Britannia. I know some folks who are not members of the Guild Wargames who have complained of the delay. Well here is your answer.

Last but not Least.

My 15mm Sci Fi blog is up at http://wartornworlds.blogspot.com/. War Torn worlds are the events after the Third World War and the Age of Anarchy that follows when Earth is finally back on its feet and looking towards the Stars after brief expansion in the Solar System. However, don’t think I am moving away from the idea of 20mm Sci Fi, that too is something I am working on extending beyond my WW3 project. Do enjoy.

My links will also be receiving an update, and I hope to continue expanding on this blog soon as I return from lazing about (which is traditional for us students)

Well wishes to all.

Hope 2012 is a good one.

Elhiem has released more figures for Cold War era games! Including some Cold War Nato (West Germans/Dutch etc) and more figures for the Vietnam war range! Here are some pics from his site! 

Image Image Image

However, as I mentioned in an earlier post I have been getting Elhiem to do some Commission work. The first is now complete, a soldier from the Irish Army! More will be on its way, and I will be posting up pics of the complete version (if not the painted version!) soon, should time permit!