Waiting on new stuff! And Scenery!

Posted: August 28, 2011 in General Info, Uncategorized

I decided to purchase some nice scenic stuff to actually characterise my battlefields a bit more, as well as some vehicles from S&S (the Brits need some serious transport, and the U.S needs Artillery!) I can honestly say the wait time is agonising (takes weeks, whereas I am to used to Elhiem who posts his stuff of pronto!) Also I had a look at some Gale Force nine scenery and actually, despite being very skeptical at first of most scenic stuff (half of it looks like a green duster brush) GF9 actually produce some VERY good stuff for some quick wargaming! Take a look for yourself! These I would say are very well done (most pre-paints of anything are horrendous) but the detail on these is fantastic, plus, these are without grass (you get a small packet of grass to use on adding effects) sprucing them up wouldn’t be difficult either but depending on what you think I personally see no need.

This is the ‘Swamp’ Battlefield in a box set, which looks like it would be great for battlefields around the world, as well as a creepy scenario for Post-WW3 stuff.

  1. hellvern says:

    Also added an update to the Excidio Britannia page. Enjoy!

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