I’m still here!

Posted: September 24, 2011 in General Info, Uncategorized

Just to notify anyone who is still looking at this blog, I am still planning to work on it and update it whenever possible,  for the past few weeks I have been preparing to start my third year of uni, so I haven’t had time to update the blog! However I will return to it when more stuff is finished!!

On a plus side, the stuff I ordered has finally arrived, after a while waiting for it to arrive, i finally have something to work on to show of on the blog when finished!

I should also mention that Elhiem has released more moderns, and plans to release more Taliban support weapons(if he hasn’t already done so) so if you haven’t go check out the Elhiem site now and take a peek at all the new stuff now up for sale! Furthermore he is now stocking Wartime miniatures, so for any of you European or state side folks who believe purchasing the figs from the producer in Australia is too much, well heres your chance to reduce that postage cost!

King regards to all!




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