Expanding to look at Modern Miniatures and Sci fi in general.

Posted: November 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Things have been a bit quiet recently, and since there are no new 20mm modern releases as of yet (I know there are a load coming, and I am sure many of you from the Guild do as well) I have been a bit quiet. However I have decided to expand on the subject matter slightly, and not just purely look at 20mm moderns but also steep into other scales. I have already done this slightly with 28mm as I do plan from time to time on getting 28mm modern/Sci fi figs that I can jumble together.

Thus, I will be adding new links with their own sections to companies that produce Moderns in 6mm, 15mm etc. Though I won’t really be delving much into buying 6mm or 15mm moderns myself, I know there are people out there who buy into this scale, and since this is a blog dedicated to Modern combat figures with a tinge of Sci fi which I will go into more later; I think its fair to go down this route.


Furthermore, I have already began going into 15mm Sci fi, for ‘events’ that happen about 40 years after WW3 and onwards. Not sure whether to make a separate blog for it, but its something in the pipeline.


I’ll also be adding some more links to other interesting blogs that may/or may not, have anything to do with this specific side of the hobby in general but who knows.

P.S I am also trying out getting some commissions from Elhiem, I don’t plan for now, to hold any sort of copyright on anything I try and get commissioned yet (until we hit the Aliens) but I’ll be updating this blog when it starts to come into form.


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