Pre-Painted? Resin?? Kits?!?!

Posted: February 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

There seems to be no end of 20th-21st century vehicles popping up in 20mm these days. Aside from the lack of 20mm Modern Chinese vehicles (Only S&S do any of the vehicles the modern day chinese use, only the Type 59 is ever available and thats just a renamed T-55!) the market is absolutely swarming with them.

There is lots to choose from, but which do you go for??

It appears in the last few years the world got bored of producing just WW2 German tanks, Shermans or the odd Modern day Abram and actually got into gear producing everything else. Why this is I have no idea but the amount of variety nowadays is truly astounding, and allows those of us who want to game Wars in the modern world a lot to choose from.

Of course you can’t get every vehicle in 20mm, and you certainly won’t be able to find, for instance a vehicle that released as a kit, as a pre-painted or in resin etc. So sometimes unless we really hate another ‘format’ we may have to occasionally simply go for whats available.

Cost is another factor, I for instance could easily buy (and have bought) 3 tanks from S&S that may cost me about £27, but if I bought the same vehicle as a kit it may cost me double that amount. In fact in many cases kits are now more expensive then pre-painted stuff, which says a lot (not including some hobby companies that produce metal kits which can be a lot cheaper than big-company plastic kits). Why buy something you have to sit down and spend hours in not days to build and then paint when you can buy things that need little construction or only a slightly better paint job/sprucing up and hit the table straight away?

I myself prefer Resins and Pre-painted over kits by far.

But what does everybody else think?


  1. Christopher Moody says:

    To each his own. I use what ever i can get for the best price lol.

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