Elhiem IOTV Americans up for sale!

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Just a little update

Elhiem has just released his IOTV U.S soldiers. These will be great for numerous roles within the U.S army (and beyond if you’ve got the imagination!). They’d be great for Hollywood Alien/Zombie invasion situations!

On top of this, some Alien/Sci Fi monsters are on their way. Do check out the Elhiem site and see them for yourselves!

Check out the manufacturers links to the left for a quick route to the Elhiem site!


  1. Christopher Moody says:

    Thanks for the up date!

  2. hellvern says:

    No problemo! They’re absolutely badass.

    Makes me regretting spending those few spare dollars on booze.

    Will have to wait a few weeks now! lol!

  3. Christopher Moody says:

    So did you ever pick any up? I am busying painting my first platoon up in ACUs pattern. I will Post some pic’s up soon.

    • hellvern says:

      Yeah I got the full set, and some Bradleys to go with, I’m thinking of doing them in OCP multicam, but its damned hard to do. I may go for the ACU pattern, the different shades of grey sure look cool, and it is a bit more iconic of the U.S army. You gunna stick up the pics of yours on your blog??

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