Planning for a World War.

Posted: May 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well to make it official, I’am back for a lot longer than the previous time I ‘returned’, I’ve been busy painting up the next wave of figures primarily from Elhiem, and another array of vehicles and other goodies to bulk out my already existing forces and new ones! Some new backgrounds/fluff is definitely on its way, with some new stuff for the fate of the Middle East, including those Middle Eastern states resisting Caliphate expansion (Primarily Lebanon and Saudi Arabia; U.A.E, Israel, Oman and Egypt etc later).

However, i’m also looking towards the Third World War fluff, for which this blog is mostly based around. I’m just sorting out where to put it all since there is admittedly quite a lot going on. It also doesn’t cover the major pre-campaigns, the Caliphate Wars being one of, but the other is the ‘undercover’ Russian Civil War, which results in the dramatic coming to power of a Russian Fascist (could even be described as Neo-Nazi) Government. However here is a short summary plan of WW3; 

-In 2021, China suffers a massive environmental collapse; huge areas of its land becomes uninhabitable, pushing its ability to house its massive population to the brink. Furthermore, China’s reliance on resources from Africa to feed its massive industry is almost decimated, when India, a rival economic power muscles in on the dwindling supply lines, causing huge economic upheaval, China nearly crumbles. Without warning, China launches a lightning strike against nearly all its neighbours, with Pakistan, North Korea, Bangladesh and Indonesia coming to its aid; its main strikes being centred at India, Russia and Japan, in an attempt to wipe out all major economic/military rivals, and gain control of the lightly populated, resource rich Russian East. The United States responds, declaring war and despatching a large force to repel Chinese forces intent on destroying its allies in the Pacific. In Europe there is a War scare; Britain is thrown into a state of Civil War, with the remainder of its armed forces deemed ‘disloyal’ deployed on mainland Europe by the Nationalist Government. 

-2022, The African continent becomes a Free for all. At the start of the war numerous African countries call their support for China, whilst others decide to support the West, causing some conflicts. Both Europe, America and China begin funding their own private armies which wage a war for resources. The Caliphate in the midst of the chaos launches a Jihad in North Eastern Africa, funding Islamic Warlords, to do its own bidding and freely supports Somalian piracy. Meanwhile, a mysterious Warlord, calls for Africans to unite against the foreigners and their ‘servants’ and wages a War of African liberation. South Africa despite claiming neutrality, is forced to act as the violence intensifies. 

-2025, Russia, hard pressed to fuel the war effort against China, closes down all its exports of fossil fuels, food and weaponry to all outside states, save for India and the ‘Near Abroad’. Europe, which has become heavily reliant on Russian fuel and food is faced with the prospect of an energy crises and worse still widespread starvation. Lead by Germany, a European Army is deployed along the borders between Russia, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Finland declares neutrality and denies Europe from deploying forces against Russia in its country, whilst Sweden and Norway agree to host British, Dutch, Belgian, Danish and Irish troops as a precaution against attack. Late 2025, Europe attacks the Russian state, its forces brush aside light Russian resistance. Poland leads an assault against Russia’s ally Belarus, whilst Germany leads the main assault on Russia, the Allies get to within reach of Moscow and St Petersburg before hitting heavy resistance. The war becomes a stalemate. America condemns European actions. 

-2027 Russia unleashes a wave of offensives against Europe and China. In Eastern Russia the offensives achieve very little, on the other hand, a Russian offensive on Ukraine almost wipes out the Ukrainian army, which retreats to its capital. The sudden threat of invasion causes all out chaos in the Balkans, with Romania and Bulgaria threatening to support Russia, whilst the former Yugoslavian states begin openly fighting each other. Turkey, which up until now, was busy handling sporadic border clashes with the Caliphate threatens to attack Russia if it continues its advance, whilst factions within Greece squabble amongst themselves over whether to support Russia or not. Russia also unleashes a devastating offensive against Finland, cutting the country in two and laying siege to Helsinki. With the Finns trapped, it invades Sweden where it becomes bogged down in Stockholm; the battle for Sweden’s capital becomes one of the bloodiest battles of the War. 

-2028 The U.S.A hoping to end the War with China soon to avoid collapse on the home front attempts one last ditch attempt to beat China into submission, with its forces fighting all across the Western pacific, from North Korea, Vietnam and even in the Northern provinces of China itself. A combined offensive using American, Russian, Indian and other allied state forces to crush China’s military capability fails with massive casualties on both sides. In desperation, the U.S Government authorises unleashing a prototype weapon on the PRC; a virus designated Mark ‘V’. 

-2029 Russian forces are defeated  in Stockholm. Allied forces shortly afterwards land in Finland, relieving Helsinki, only to learn the bulk of the Russian army has left. Fighting however continues in Western Russia, until November 2029, when Europe and Russia declare a ceasefire, and agree to end the war before a nuclear exchange. In the East, the U.S begins a hasty withdrawal from the Pacific, causing as much destruction to Chinese infrastructure in its wake. As the last U.S Warship heads home, Russia still fighting China, nukes Shanghai. The Chinese Government attempts to retaliate, however, by circumstances still unknown, is stopped. The Third World War, thus comes to an end, but the fighting continues. 

Okey, so thats the quick summary, loads of details being left out (I didn’t even mention campaigns in the Caucasus) however I hope to cover a lot of it as I go a long, there are hundreds of campaigns fought in each theatre, and of course there are plenty of minor campaigns happening elsewhere. The general conclusion to WW3 though, as you may have noticed, is not a good one for all sides involved! 

  1. Hell in a hand basket is all I can say lol.

  2. cardophillipo says:

    Great stuff, your fluff is always inspirational.

  3. Winttrix says:

    Like the Finnish part. Hint – there will be figures for them soon!

  4. hellvern says:

    Ooooh, are you getting some commissioned from Elhiem??!?!?!?! If they’re gunna be for sale i’m gunna look forward to it a lot! Seems to be growing interest to get the Scandinavian/Irish battlegroup into miniature! Finland will get its own background with the other countries. It doesn’t get as steamrolled as the summary makes out, I have a lot of plans for that area of the world as well as stuff for post WW3.

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