News and Works in Progress: British Royal Military Police, and the U.S Army.

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Uncategorized


Here are some ‘works in progress’ i’ve recently picked up some of my old plastic Moderns from Caesar, I can honestly say I’m not a great fan of plastics, though some are quite useful. The Brit for instance is a fairly recent box set release from Caesar, and i’ve decided since their gear is fairly old (2006-2009ish Gear) they are going to be used as Royal Military Police, Reserves, perhaps even RAF regiment and some will go towards the Rebel/Fascist forces for Excidio Britannia (though they will be in more generic camo, similar to the one worn in Children of Men etc). The former of course will be rushed into combat against the Caliphate or Hordes of Russians, and I’ve tried to get the camo right for current British soldiers in Afghanistan, which would suit for wars in the desert, and would probably get put on as supplies dwindle in Scandinavia (although I believe OCP camo is for almost all terrain). 

Next up of course is the American Army, these figures being Metal Elhiem troops, i’m not sure how these are going, i’ve tried to do ACU camo, but it looks more like an old generic city camo. It’ll probably do fine for U.S troops waging war across the Toxic plains of China, or through the shredded cities of Japan in ten years time, but I have doubts if its accurate. Either way, they are great figs, and i’ll definitely buy more as well as buy into Wartime American’s to bulk out the general force. 



On another note, MJ figures have released some Giant Alien worms and figures for its sci-fi range ‘Sand Wars’ the worms definitely have a very Dune/Tremors feel about them, and would be great for a nasty surprise for folks in the back of beyond (I’m getting around to sticking up the background for the Alien forces/monsters, although one force probably won’t have figures for them in a long time; its a project on the go, a sort of idea, since I have many Alien types in mind, and although this one isn’t unique, it may well be a first for sci-fi, they also of course set the foundation for my 15mm sci fi and the setting which is a follow on, but a BIG WIP) 

The Worm Pics are from MJ figures site, a lot of what this company produces will come much in handy for 20mm Sci Fi, especially vehicle wise. Elhiem, is also the only other company producing 20mm sci fi that is easily accessible (Liberations Little Green Men really do not count) and will also be very useful!

  1. Winttrix says:

    Looks really nice! One thing about ACU – it has no black or white in it. The colors vary wildly depending on the amount of wear and dust the uniform has received, but generally the colors are: dark grey, green grey, sand grey.

  2. hellvern says:

    Thanks! I did realise some way in that it had gone wrong, my eyes suffer really badly picking out the colours in ocp and ACU camo, digital camo overall just confuses my brain!! But thanks for the tips! They will get changed fairly soon!

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