New Modern’s for Late May/Early June; MJ Figures, S&S Moderns, Hobbyden, Under Fire and Elhiem Vietnam + Rumours!

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

I think as things are, new releases have been pretty slow on the Modern’s front (it could just be me), however those which have come to being have been pretty stunning thus far, and my favourite has to be without a doubt the new releases by MJ figures. 



The Jackal2 and Coyote are without a doubt, all out awesome, I have yet to see anything which can rival these in detail save for perhaps B.W models. However, these are far easier to get your hands on, and as far as I am aware, a lot cheaper, the Coyote will be almost unique to MJ figures, especially on the cheap availability front. Of course if you want a cheaper option feel free to check up on S&S models (both MJ figs and Sands models links are in the tab on the left!) who also have some Jackals up for sale (of which I own three, and can say that, despite needing some work on them, are very good too!). Personally these have to be some of my favourite Modern Military Vehicles about. A few years ago I once had the honour of meeting a few Royal Marines showing the Jackal of at an Agricultural show, and they were more than happy to discuss at length how the vehicle works, and how it has been tailored to the soldiers needs; a fine piece of kit by all accounts. 

Next up is a new release from S&S Models. Now I’m slightly guilty of not keeping up to date with S&S models, since he seems to release things quite regularly, or at least very low key, and you need to keep up to date with guild goings on to figure it out sometimes. However here are the latest, some of these might be quite old releases by now, but nonetheless. 



Now, as you will probably agree these look fab! I believe that Shaun at S&S has been slowly redeveloping many of his old kits (he recently released some BMP1s and 2s, which are redone casts, and a far higher quality than before) and putting them at a higher standard. This means good news for those who have complained to me at least, about some of the casting defects or bubbles that on occasion can infest some of their models (though I have had similar problems with numerous Britannia resins, which i’d say, in some instances can be pretty bad) Either way, I will definitely be getting some of these… at some point!

Next is some fairly old news from Hobbyden, that many of you may know, but for those who don’t is worth putting out there or reminding you. Hobbyden has recently taken over the old MMS range and revamped them. One of his latest releases from this revamped MMS range is the MTLB. Unlike the MMS range these will have a Resin hull, rather than metal.


Hobbyden has tried to keep the prices reasonable (though hopefully not so much to the point it would be at his expense) which is very decent of him. The Kits look fab, and I do intend to get a few for my Caliphate forces. These would also be great for numerous other states, and is still used by Russian forces today although it appears many claim they are no longer in service. More of course are to be released over time. 

Under Fire Miniatures has also been busy! Lately they have released some British Bobbies (cops, pigs, police, Feds, whatever you wish to call them!) and as always the quality is fantastic! These will be perfect for my British Civil War or Britain in Revolt! 



Under Fire has recently said they will be releasing more Modern Brits and various troops for Rhodesian War. The Latter will also probably have uses for troops in other wars, including current or future conflicts! 

Last but not least, Elhiem have released some new AVRN for Vietnam as well as some WW2 stuff. Now of course, I normally don’t dabble in WW2 much, and probably will never have enough money to ever dabble in Vietnam. But either way, i’m putting it out there for all you WW2 and Vietnam fans! 




What is more interesting of course are the odd snipets of information Matt sometimes lets loose in the Guild Forum. Apparently he has made castings for weapons such as the AEK and the AN-94, meaning Russian Armoured troops, which i’m very much looking forward too! He of course plans to do troops for all the various Coalition forces in Afghanistan, and recently mentioned making some weapons for the Modern French Army!!! Which means that hopefully soon, we will be able to actually be able to create a Modern French Force! 

As another Heads up, Elhiem has fairly recently finished of the ranges for his Modern Brits (or at least, made the stuff you will definitely need to have a well armed fighting force) as well as added to his Insurgent range. Do check these out, for as always, the quality is extremely good. 

My own ‘news’ 

Yup, my own little section; at the moment I’am still putting stories together, I’am currently working on the Russian (The Bear Roars) story, as the next main instalment. In honesty there is so much to actually write, though it all needs the proper amount of research and time to get it out their in a decent enough way. I’am going to be revisiting some of my old pieces; most of them are fine. But my writing skills have developed a lot since I first started. 

The other thing is actually trying to finish some armies of. My U.S Marines, Caliphate and British are all nearly in the clear. But like most war gamers we often have a bad habit of jumping ahead of ourselves. My Modern’s will probably always be the priority, with 15mm Sci fi coming a clear second (of which I will be getting back to) but to put it bluntly, a friend of mine commented that my room is starting to look like Nato, although between then and now it looks more like the U.N. Thus things need some sorting out. 

It will be slow mind. Since University is now, thankfully over, its time to start finding other things to do; primarily work. Of course given how the Economy is going, work isn’t the easiest thing to come by, at least ones with wages you can live on. 

On another note, I may also be pretty slow because this will soon be released.


You guessed it, Battlefield 3 Close Quarters. Bad Company 2 is what got me interested in gaming Moderns, rather than just studying it, and Battlefield 3 has certainly done its own bit in keeping that alive. I have never been a Modern Warfare player, since I found the game to be too action man styled for my tastes and it lacked vehicles. My wish with Battlefield 3 is one day they will make a Zombie or Alien DLC pack (Can you imagine how awesome it would be if they had the things from Battle:Los Angeles in this game?!?!) but that will probably never happen. Either way if your on the Xbox for a spell and your buddies have abandoned you, or you need support, drop us a note. Tag is the same as my WordPress Tag: Hellvern 


  1. cool post. I know how hard it is to keep up with shaun… love his models though I wish I had the money to get a decent ammount too. ah the computer game, my mate has a PS3 and battlefield 3 I wonder if you can play people on XBox online Hmm if so I will try and sneak over to fight you hahaha

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