The Third Great War of 2021 was not the terrible apocalypse many doomsayers and great individuals believed it would be. Rather, it was the opening of a new chapter in humanities history, a new world of great change and opportunities, that would eventually lead mankind to a new golden age of prosperity that would stretch far beyond the confines of Earth.

The End of the World.

By the year 2012, it was clear that the planet was spiralling into a situation few could hope to control. No longer did the old cold war politics which apparently ended in the 1990s apply. Every state was in for itself. A battle for survival.

Climate change, began to take its toll on the globe, deserts expanded across the U.S, Africa and Middle East, vast hurricanes appeared in the Mediterranean sweeping away the old stagnant world humans had come to call home. In China, India, and much of the continental land in the Far East was transformed into a toxic soup, becoming devoid of life, humans clung to survival in poisonous industrial towns, feeding the unsustainable lifestyle the Planets dominant species had cursed themselves with. In the atlantic and the pacific, though extremely slow, sea levels rose, flooding land occupied by millions. In Europe drought began to take its toll, and fresh water supplies dwindled. In africa, aside from the spreading Sahara much was what in once was before, only worse. Overpopulation caused more wars, keeping the attention of those many hardy natives away from corrupt powers sweeping away their natural riches, hidden deep beneath the rich soil of that war weary land. In South America, deforestation reached its peak, but the lack of land capable of growing crops and rearing cattle soon meant the people and eventually the workers began to starve, Governments collapsed in the wake of civil disobedience as their people looked for someone to blame. Food from the outside world itself dwindled and Governance was handed over to the thriving criminal gangs and Cults that plagued the New world.

Revolutions, Wars both conventional, unconventional, proxy and otherwise spread amongst the planets populace. In the Middle East, a new wave of bloodshed and killing lead to the founding of the mighty Caliphate. The European Union struggled to maintain control of its sovereignty over its people as it did its best to sustain their demands. In Britain and Ireland, all control collapsed entirely, political, national, and religious groups began competing for supremacy, and whilst dozens of sides squabbled the divided island countries became ever smaller, Corporations whose only desire to use the sufferings of others to create a profit moved in and set up camp, groups were armed, and the situation soon went out of control. Elsewhere, in Russia, the great country found itself surrounded by dozens of enemies hellbent on decimating them, meanwhile, the very integrity of the Russian state found itself teetering on the brink of civil war as well. In the Far East, China and its neighbours were at odds, having played a difficult game of outdoing its competitors in economics and politics, war was now inevitable, as the toxic wastes consumed a once thriving peoples, the PRC saw no other option than to expand its borders and with its vast military, take on the entire Eastern and perhaps even Western world.

In the year 2021, the pinnacle was reached, the Third World War had started. As the world shook under the weight of war new weapons, new secrets were revealed. Hidden objects considered mythical unveiled themselves. However far away, invisible to even mankind’s most advanced telescopes existent to him or her only in the darkest of dreams or wildest of imaginings, new and terrible things were creeping closer and closer, their intent unknown.

The Last War Chronicles.

The Last War Chronicles covers the various Human factions, such as countries, corporations of groups, their histories and their enemies, I will be laying out various campaigns, that should add some extra interest to the factions involved, as well as characters and some stories. However, I will also be covering the None-human side of the Last War Chronicles, this ranging from Earth-bound oddities, to Rogue creations of Mankind and even hostile (or perhaps allied???) inhabitants of Space. Some Campaigns or stories will go beyond World War 3 as is my intention, as World war 3 is primarily a human affair, and is thus built for the purpose of having a situation that is perhaps more believable. However, the various aftershock wars, and exploits of humanity will be more focussed on the more fantastical. Their may be the odd fantastical chapter during WW3, but these are isolated events or Black ops campaigns merely for people bored of the usual Human Vs Human conflicts.


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