Things have been a bit quiet recently, and since there are no new 20mm modern releases as of yet (I know there are a load coming, and I am sure many of you from the Guild do as well) I have been a bit quiet. However I have decided to expand on the subject matter slightly, and not just purely look at 20mm moderns but also steep into other scales. I have already done this slightly with 28mm as I do plan from time to time on getting 28mm modern/Sci fi figs that I can jumble together.

Thus, I will be adding new links with their own sections to companies that produce Moderns in 6mm, 15mm etc. Though I won’t really be delving much into buying 6mm or 15mm moderns myself, I know there are people out there who buy into this scale, and since this is a blog dedicated to Modern combat figures with a tinge of Sci fi which I will go into more later; I think its fair to go down this route.


Furthermore, I have already began going into 15mm Sci fi, for ‘events’ that happen about 40 years after WW3 and onwards. Not sure whether to make a separate blog for it, but its something in the pipeline.


I’ll also be adding some more links to other interesting blogs that may/or may not, have anything to do with this specific side of the hobby in general but who knows.

P.S I am also trying out getting some commissions from Elhiem, I don’t plan for now, to hold any sort of copyright on anything I try and get commissioned yet (until we hit the Aliens) but I’ll be updating this blog when it starts to come into form.


New Releases by Elhiem!

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Elhiem have released some new figures! Adding to the U.S IOTV range, Special forces range, Somalia range, and has expanded the Vietnam and Cold War Warpac ranges, as well as started on some new Nato Cold War troops, and stocking more Wartime figure releases (such as Modern U.S troops and the AFV Bushmaster for Australian forces). Do check them out!

Hello all!

Recently MJ figures released some Modern Brits, now I had not heard of this company until fairly recently, but they are by looking at their site planning to do some Modern Russian and Georgian troops, as well as already have a fairly nice range of U.S and Afghan troops, they even have a News team! At a first glance the figures look good, though some of them may not seem to be as well detailed as say Under Fire or Elhiem they do look nice and are pretty cheap in comparison (I thought they were 15mm at first but apparently not).

So please check them out, the pic above I have taken from the site to generate some interest as the site should appear in the links section to 20mm figures soon.  I am also adding Britannia Miniatures (though the service has been quite slow from them recently but apparently its been very busy) and a site which has a lot of interesting 1/72nd scale model kits in both Resin and Plastic kits (Tracks and Troops) which do some very interesting hard to get vehicles, ranging from reasonable pricing to damned expensive! Like this 42 Euro Rosomak!!


This is perhaps not news to everyone who occasionally pass by this blog, HOWEVER Elhiem has recently added some new figures to the Somalia Range in the form of a few more U.S Rangers and Somalis, some more Generic fighter types to the African range, and a new range boasting some Middle Eastern Insurgents, which have been cleverly tweaked from the Somalian range!

Do check them out! The Link to the site should be in the links section!

Heres hoping to see more new stuff out soon (and to get some money to use for some ordering!) Plus last I looked Elhiem is still stocking figures from Wartime!

I was giving some thought to the Weird and wonderful side I’d like to add to the sort of near future setting, and was wondering what other peoples stances were on having things like ‘aliens’ or monsters in their Near future stuff? I know numerous people out there who dislike the idea of spoiling their near future scenarios by adding a crazy E.T down the line because it might destroy any sort of realism to their ‘what if’ ideas. Personally I like aliens as an idea for a sort of near future war, as it just adds a colourful opposition force (I even heard rumours the U.S and U.K armed forces at West point or Sand hurst in their spare time once planned out how to respond to Alien/zombie invasions, probably when bored).

Now I could argue aliens as a ‘slim possibility’ as weird as that sounds, although certain big newspapers do like to chat about it a lot, but what do you guys think?

I did mention that some time back I had made some plans to create a Junta, another Prime enemy to all thats Western, this time though its more closer to home for those in the U.S of A in the form of the ‘The Republic’ a Neo-Socialist/Communist force that has sprang from Venezuela and dominated its neighbours. I’ve finally received the figures that I am going to use as the basic foot soldiers for this new force. Thus I decided to paint up some vehicles I had lying around as support, and here they are!!

The Republic won’t be the only severe pain the U.S has to deal with down the line thats close to home ( Britain and France whom protect numerous dependencies down that way are in trouble too) In Mexico and beyond, Drug gangs are becoming the predominant force, some being more independent ruling their own chunks of land, Death Cults are on the rise too though what their intentions are is unclear, turning the Mexico-U.S border into a War zone reminiscent of the old frontier.

I have noticed that some other wargaming bloggers (primarily from France which is amazing) have added me to their links to other bloggers. Thus as a helping hand back I’ve decided its only right to add links to their sites as well!!

They should turn up in a new links section soon!

Please do check them out, even if you don’t know French (I only know it mildly being a typical Brit, English and Bad English are the only two languages I know)

Plus for any 28mm lovers, Red star have released some new stuff for their Russians! Though I don’t think they are as good as their previous minis, they are still nice. Check them out! Heres a link to Red star:

I’m still here!

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Just to notify anyone who is still looking at this blog, I am still planning to work on it and update it whenever possible,  for the past few weeks I have been preparing to start my third year of uni, so I haven’t had time to update the blog! However I will return to it when more stuff is finished!!

On a plus side, the stuff I ordered has finally arrived, after a while waiting for it to arrive, i finally have something to work on to show of on the blog when finished!

I should also mention that Elhiem has released more moderns, and plans to release more Taliban support weapons(if he hasn’t already done so) so if you haven’t go check out the Elhiem site now and take a peek at all the new stuff now up for sale! Furthermore he is now stocking Wartime miniatures, so for any of you European or state side folks who believe purchasing the figs from the producer in Australia is too much, well heres your chance to reduce that postage cost!

King regards to all!



This has been asked a few times on a few forums, but just to try and catch more opinions before they slip through the net, what are peoples general opinions of 20mm and Sci fi? Would any of you think about purchasing into a range of 20mm sci fi? If I was asked this question I’d be all for a 20mm sci fi range, especially as I need aliens for this project, so what are your thoughts on the matter? It would be interesting to see how many people would be interested in such a subject!

I decided to purchase some nice scenic stuff to actually characterise my battlefields a bit more, as well as some vehicles from S&S (the Brits need some serious transport, and the U.S needs Artillery!) I can honestly say the wait time is agonising (takes weeks, whereas I am to used to Elhiem who posts his stuff of pronto!) Also I had a look at some Gale Force nine scenery and actually, despite being very skeptical at first of most scenic stuff (half of it looks like a green duster brush) GF9 actually produce some VERY good stuff for some quick wargaming! Take a look for yourself! These I would say are very well done (most pre-paints of anything are horrendous) but the detail on these is fantastic, plus, these are without grass (you get a small packet of grass to use on adding effects) sprucing them up wouldn’t be difficult either but depending on what you think I personally see no need.

This is the ‘Swamp’ Battlefield in a box set, which looks like it would be great for battlefields around the world, as well as a creepy scenario for Post-WW3 stuff.