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Hey all!

After a fairly long period of time spent mucking about elsewhere (and rediscovering the password to my blog) I think its time for a new post. First up however is, if you haven’t heard already the newish releases from Elhiem. These were released a few weeks back (if not a month back) but just in case you haven’t heard, i’ll share whats new!

For the most part pics have yet to be released for all the products now made available. However if you check out the Cold War NATO page, you should find the following…

  1. Cold War Brits (BOAR) which would be suitable for the Falklands conflict as well as a ‘Cold War gone Hot’ scenario. They are available to look at on the site in the Hobby News section on Elhiems thread. Although keep in mind the majority on their figures being sculpted, not the final product.
  2. Amongst these are also some U.S types in the M1 Helm, as well as the later K-POT troops, such as…

These are from Elhiems site, and are for now the only pack (there is also only one pack of M1 helmet Early Cold War U.S troops) but it is likely to be a range that is expanded later on, due to the popularity of the Cold War for war gamers.

On top of this have been a few other releases for the WARPAC range, such as new pack for WARPAC Germans to flesh out the already existing ones.

Elhiem Sci Fi.

Now here is some REALLY interesting stuff. Elhiem has released his first pack of Sci Fi Troopers in Light Body Armour, called ‘Armoured Fed Troops’ although there are no pics on the site, this prompted me to ‘borrow’ a pic from the Guild Wargames forum, just to emphasise the detail. I will probably get some of these later, paint them up, just to give you guys a good look (And save pinching Elhiems own pics).

I hope this range expands, and look forward to later releases, I have wondered if the old GZG 25mm Tanks would fit perfectly with these, so will test that out at a later date as well.

Elhiem Commission Work. 

As mentioned before in earlier posts I have been paying for Elhiem to do some sculpts, the sculpts being Modern Irish Army troops. The Second arrived not too long ago, though the third is on hold until I can gather some spare funds (paying for driving lessons etc does put a hole in your wallet). However do have a peek! The one standing is the first sculpt completed by Elhiem, one that I have painted up yet haven’t based. The other kneeling down is the second!

MJ Figures

Elhiem hasn’t been the only company releasing new goodies this past month. MJ Figures has also released some Mercenary figures on their site a few days back. Pop over and check them out in ‘new products’ here is a few pics from MJ’s Site.

These look they’d be fantastic for more than just mercenaries; Zombie survivors, Western Rebels, Adventurers etc. From the pics available they look great, so a future purchase from MJ is probably in order.


Although this was posted up on the guild by another member (who goes by the name of Piers) I thought it was important enough to share on here, just in case some viewers are not from the Guild War games. Piers recently got in contact with Andy of Grubby Tanks/Britannia, in order to figure out the situation of things. It has to be said we all get extremely annoyed when the things we have bought take a very long time to reach us (Cromwell is the apparent King of taking its time, but I have never ordered from them so won’t comment) and Britannia has received a lot of flak lately because of this. However, hopefully this will shed some light on why, and make us feel far more inclined to be patient. Here is what Piers posted after getting in contact with the owner of the mentioned companies…

I spoke to Andy recently so I thought I would pass on a little info.

As you know Andy works full-time at a real job and runs both Grubby Tanks and Britannia in his spare time. He has been overwhelmed with orders in the last few weeks in the run-up to Xmas and was also forced to work out of the UK for a time. Added to this he has had to redo a number of Britannia moulds that have failed as he doesnt want to send out pour casts and due to demand he is simply unable to keep a stock of the Britannia resins, they just sell out too fast. Simply put he has been astonished at the demand and its outstripping production. 

In order to clear the backlog he has taken on some help, to do the packing and admin, thus allowing him to concentrate on getting stuff produced. All Grubby Tanks ranges are fine and instock, and should go out fairly quickly, but Britannia orders may take longer. 

He hopes to have the backlog cleared in the next two to three weeks and try to get things on an even keel and build up some stocks ready for the show season. 

So if you are waiting on orders (longer than 28 days) or are missing items – Email him. He will get it, and though he may not respond as he is so busy, he will get things sorted.

Hopefully this sheds some light on any problems some of you may be having in regards to your orders from Grubby/Britannia. I know some folks who are not members of the Guild Wargames who have complained of the delay. Well here is your answer.

Last but not Least.

My 15mm Sci Fi blog is up at War Torn worlds are the events after the Third World War and the Age of Anarchy that follows when Earth is finally back on its feet and looking towards the Stars after brief expansion in the Solar System. However, don’t think I am moving away from the idea of 20mm Sci Fi, that too is something I am working on extending beyond my WW3 project. Do enjoy.

My links will also be receiving an update, and I hope to continue expanding on this blog soon as I return from lazing about (which is traditional for us students)

Well wishes to all.

Hope 2012 is a good one.