The Scorpion Burrows

The Scorpion Burrows.

God has promised those of you who have attained to faith and do righteous deeds that, of a certainty, He will make them Khulifa on earth, even as He caused [some of] those who lived before them to become Khulifa; and that, of a certainty, He will firmly establish for them the religion which He has been pleased to bestow on them; and that, of a certainty, He will cause their erstwhile state of fear to be replaced by a sense of security [seeing that] they worship Me [alone], not ascribing divine powers to aught beside Me. But all who, after [having understood] this, choose to deny the truth – it is they, they who are truly iniquitous!” [24:55] (Surah Al-Nur, Verse 55)

The Caliphate often referred to as the Terror of the Middle East, formed under the shadow of a vast sand storm, the events of 2015 would forever remain within the memories of those who witnessed, supported and fought the Great Caliphate. Considered to be the final result of the Arab spring, the Caliphate was originally intended to form a great alliance of muslim nations that would ensure the freedom of those peoples who were considered faithful to Islam, and a terrible adversary to the heathen nations that surrounded it. Violently throwing of the old dictatorships and monarchies, in a series of rebellions which began in the closing months of 2010 and ultimately ended by December 2014, the Caliphate quickly and in most cases violently spread from its hidden H.Q in the middle of the Saudi desert, consuming territory until its borders met Turkey, the caucasus, Libya, Southern Sudan and Afghanistan. Iran considered to be one of the prime leaders soon counted itself out as the leading state amongst the newly formed ‘federation’ and soon Tehran was named capital. Steps were taken to quickly unify all the armed forces of the New state with varying degrees of success, new laws were passed, and at first the caliphate presented a very liberal attitude to all those who lived within its boundaries. ‘Democracy’ was introduced, however, all such talk of independence (though at the time very little) was banned on pain of death, and all nationalist parties that did not support the Caliphate quickly vanished into the vast Saudi desert.
Conflict quickly arose with such rapid expansion, in Iraq, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, the Governments quickly came to oppose handing power to a more central Government in Tehran, backed up by U.S bases in their states, and others in neighbouring Saudi Arabia, the Caliphate Government quickly ordered its budding army to prepare to invade and suppress the wayward countries, whilst various insurgent cells, alongside a growing terrorist organisation were encouraged to carry out covert operations against western influences in the Middle East. By March 2015, the Iranian Caliphate 1st Army invaded Iraq, crushing the mild resistance from Government forces, and after a costly assault, forced the U.S and Allied forces to withdraw into Kuwait. In the U.A.E Insurgents stormed Government buildings with various degrees of success, before a Caliphate Saudi tank regiment, by passing U.S bases in Arabia, advanced on the capital, after a week long battle along the outskirts of the city, the U.A.E surrendered. The U.S forces stationed in Saudi Arabia, began to withdraw as other numerous Caliphate forces closed in: outnumbered, and outgunned, the Pentagon felt it had no choice to get its people out. The Caliphate soon found itself fending of a myriad of attacks, as Israel, Kuwaiti, Free Arabian, U.S and even British Air and Naval forces began bombarding key areas across the Middle East. The U.S forces safely arrived in Kuwait, having met little resistance, a week later, the Caliphate Government ordered a general assault on the small country, and after weeks of fighting, the Government in Kuwait surrendered, handing power over to the Caliphate and demanding all western forces to leave. The U.S and its allies complied, and rapidly left the Middle East to its own devices. By 2016 the entire Middle East was under Caliphate control after Oman and Yemen caved in under pressure, Military reforms were introduced and soon the Caliphate was beginning to look like an extremely deadly foe. In 2017, Tehran ordered that Israel should be surrounded after fighting intensified, provoking the E.U and the U.S to take action, again war broke out, as the British in Cyprus, alongside a task force from Italy, the U.S, France and Germany launched a strike against the Caliphates largest supplier of fresh water – the river Nile in Egypt. The Caliphate realised the Wests aims were to cut of the only reliable fresh water supply they had, as of the end of 2012 all underground water reserves had practically dried up across much of the Middle East. And it was essential to ensure peace amongst troublesome tribes of Bedouins or tribes in Yemen or Northern Iran, who consistently fought the Caliphate for various reasons.

After a year of fighting, and much of Egypt occupied by Western forces, the Caliphate slowly withdrew pressure from Israel, and instead, created a line of fortifications around the border with the Jewish state. Allied forces withdrew, and after a month of suppressing outbreaks of lawless violence, Egypt was once again under full Caliphate control.

The Caliphate since then has been constantly in a state of fluctuation between Cold and Hot wars between its neighbours, as well as its western and Eastern foes. It was discovered during the 2017 Egyptian invasion that the Caliphate had laid out plans to control all of North Africa, and attempt to subdue Somalia. It had been encouraging piracy across the world, and was linked to arming various jihadist groups in the Caucasus, Pakistan, China and Indonesia. The Caliphate did until 2020, have very good relations with the Chinese PRC, who supplied the Caliphate with advanced arms (since the weaponry captured during the Caliphate War of 2015 of Western Origin had either been blown up or broken down) and felt the relationship essential to keep open the newly built railway network along the Ancient spice trade routes, as well as the Suez. All that changed during the Crescent moon rebellion of 2019 when a Jihadist army formed in the Chinese province of Xinjiang soon made itself known to be a puppet of the Caliphate Agenda. The Caliphate became self-reliant, sly, and most of all effective. Its neighbours began to actively arm themselves against it, and the old animosity between Europe and Russia faded in the wake of increased aggression. However do not be foolish to think the Caliphate represents all of the Islamic peoples. During 2018, an event left in the dark as the worlds media turned their attention to the ‘Katrina in the Med’ a vast destructive storm that tore through southern France, a loose alliance of clans from Waziristan, through Afghanistan to the mountains of Tajikistan and of to Northern Iran formed a coalition opposed to the Caliphate, in Yemen, Tribes actively sought to undermine the local authorities, and the Kurds continued their war for an independent state.

World War 3

From 2021 onwards the Caliphate enjoyed unparalleled access to almost every major theatre of war during the Nine year World War. For the Caliphate however the war had truly started since its very formation, since all that changed was the intensifying of the conflict (though there was nothing easy about the Caliphate war and Strike on Egypt) In the year 2019, the Caliphate was already in a series of small scale wars with Great Britain, who from its bases in Cyprus, commenced large raids against the Islamic Empire. Border skirmishes with Turkey, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan with Georgia and South Sudan supported by U.S forces also adding to the aggro (Northern Sudan became a part of the Caliphate, which greatly annoyed Chinese and Western oil industries) were fairly common. But by 2022, the Caliphates greatest adversaries in the form of the U.S and China were at war and soon the forces opposing them were starting to weaken as fighting gripped much of the world. Furthermore, Britain which had declared neutrality had collapsed into Civil war by this stage, and its bases in Cyprus were thus rendered useless. Tehran thus ordered a great surge, as much for environmental as well as political reasons. Much unknown to the rest of the world, the vast deserts and dry lands that covered the Middle East and the Sahara were quickly expanding at a damaging rate, evaporating fresh water supplies and killing of crops and livestock. By 2023, the Caliphate invaded Afghanistan, coming into direct conflict with the tribes, the Government and the Chinese, it soon unleashed devastating attacks on Turkey and the Caucasus, drawing the attention of Europe which quickly sent its forces to be rid of the Caliphate invaders. In Africa, the Caliphate Forces began raiding bordering states, taking supplies. Tehran here however decided that logistically it only had enough spare resources to support a campaign to capture sections of the nile running outside its zone of control such as Souther Sudan and the Blue nile in Ethiopia, but it would be unable to fully conquer those states completely. Demands to invade Libya were postponed and violent battles between conventional and insurgent troops on either side took place. Tehran decided the best possible course of action was insurgency, and soon began prompting extremist groups to fight for its cause, forming The African Jihadist Corps, lead by Somalian warlords to old Hamas or Palestinian Liberation Army members. They soon formed an effective force against state Governments, tribes and warlords, and eventually found themselves at odds with the Chinese corporate funded African Liberation Army, or its opposite number the Western alternative Free African States Volunteer Force, and numerous other sorts.
By 2026 Little to no progress was being made however on either front, and forces were diverted to stage a large invasion of Libya and Ethiopia with A.J.C support, but was ultimately bogged down. By 2027, Tehran ordered Israel to be blockaded by a large fleet to stop Arms and aid supplies entering the besieged country in preparation for a invasion, the fleet proved logistically unsustainable, and just as soon as it reached breaking point, was hit by a Israeli Air and Naval forces, leading to a humiliating defeat, the invasion was called of when Israel threatened to go Nuclear after a few brief costly campaigns around the border regions. By 2029, the civil war in Britain was over, and the new government proposed the formation of the ‘New Commonwealth’ a Expeditionary force from South Africa, supplemented by British and Canadian Volunteer brigades as well as elements of the Mercenary company Blackwater landed in Ethiopia, forcing the Caliphate to withdraw. Tehran ordered an all out withdrawal from afghanistan when rumours of a plague from China was said to be spreading across the border killing of the Chinese forces and Afghanistan’s natives with ease.

Wars End and the coming of the Jinn.

By 2030, Tehran was facing a water shortage crisis, but was soon greeted with the news the war was over, and in a seemingly transformed world, with entire states wiped of the map. By 2031 internal strife caused the Caliphate to close all its borders, then without warning, a sand storm covers the Iraqi city of Basra and the Iranian city of Ahvaz, survivors report an unnatural glow to the sand storm as it roles in before sightings of strange creatures now haunting the alley ways and abandoned houses of the buried cities. The Caliphate Government becomes divided, one side claiming it is the arrival of the Jinn, whilst the other utterly dismissive of such sightings calling it the tales of scared human beings. Either way, thus far no one has thought to have ventured into the region to understand what is truly going on, since the area has now become a hot spot for violent sand storms.

  1. Great Blog!!

    As I stated over on the lead adventure forum I am doing something very similar in 6mm but after reading your background I was wondering if you would have any objection to me using your background as the basis for my 6mm campaign as it fits my plans perfectly. I have already done some Free Saudi forces and UAE forces.

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next update


  2. hellvern says:


    And I don’t mind at all feel free to use the backgrounds I’ve put up or take bits out of them, I won’t hold objection to any part of it being used etc! And I do have some upcoming updates, it will be mostly fluff, since fluff is far easier to do than paint full armies!

  3. Brilliant thanks. Look forward to more fluff!

  4. Christopher Moody says:

    So when are we going to see some of the Jinn?

    • hellvern says:

      Tbh its just about finding the Figs that could represent them, and actually figuring out something where they are a bit more ‘uniformed’ since Jinn are apparently shape shifters so could be almost anything! Plus they are meant to have immense strength (some Bedouins or citizens in Saudi Arabia who have claimed to have met them say they are capable of flinging cars around with ease). I may use Micropanzers Krystrial since they look demonic enough, and Elheim’s Shadow Army as cultists or possessed.

  5. Christopher Moody says:

    Oh sweet, are you going to have different aliens in different areas or the same all over? Oh have you checked out the Micropanzer “stomper” and “Void Stalker”?

  6. hellvern says:

    I haven’t seen the Stalker in fig form that looks real impressive! And those bots will come in handy, though I am still waiting for Micropanzer to release those Soviet Bots with the big guns he showed of awhile ago! As for where the aliens will pop up it will be varied, though I am not putting it past me that they could pop up wherever they chose, but each race has its own supposed objective in regards to Earth, so some may only be interested in a particular area whilst others might find the whole planet worth messing with. However for those on the outside trying to get in they have more then just each other and humanity to handle as will become clear when I post about whose stomping about the Solar system stopping anything going in or out of Earth!

  7. Christopher Moody says:

    Yeah I cant wait for those Sov Bots ether, and almost feel sorry for the earth being setting for an intergalactic war. Sucks to be human lol.

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