The Eagle Soars

U.S.A a short Background

After the slow withdrawal from Afghanistan, the U.S Government by no means believed its involvement with the Middle East was over. In the aftermath of the Arab spring, it was becoming clear a more hostile movement was beginning to form filling the gap the dwindling terrorist organisations responsible for the terrible events in the first years of the 21st century. During the opening months of 2015 with the formation of the vast Islamic Alliance known as the ‘Caliphate’ U.S bases across the Middle East came under increasing attack, and as military build up near Israel and Turkey began to intensify, America found itself being forced to take action. Furthermore, in the Pacific, tensions were again beginning to arise, as China found itself more at odds with all its neighbours. This soon dragged the U.S further into complications, as its allies such as Japan, Taiwan and South korea, demanded more protection, the States Government found itself stuck between a difficult choice of lending a hand to its long time allies and provoking a military, and even more destructive economic response from the PRC, or take no action and risk losing its allies. Closer to home, natural disasters, debt and conflict along the border with Mexico as drug gangs expanded their reach caused difficulties to rise within the states themselves. As an unknown congressman stated, more troops were being deployed to help keep the peace in the Southern states, than were being deployed to fend of Americas enemies around the globe.

World War 3.

By the time World War 3 broke out in 2021, the U.S was already in a full scale war with the Caliphate, powerful South American Drug Warlords and a new war in North Korea as the Communist regime fought Revolutionary forces formed during the Pro-unification Joseon Rebellion. With forces quickly mobilised to fight against an expansive China, the U.S found itself stretched, and bordering being utterly penniless facing a grand emergency on an unseen scale as the Chinese state attempted to draw on U.S debts and close its investments in that country. As war with China practically closed of all trade in the pacific, every day American lives soon began to feel the brunt, food shortages, low fuel supplies and massive loss of life due to the war effort soon pushed the U.S to the brink. As debt that had started since the Afghan war and economic hardship piled on to even more enormous amounts, the situation dawned on many that a quit exit strategy had to be achieved, before the land of the free was consumed by the stresses of a faulty economy and costly war. By 2024 the U.S hurried production for a new weapon called ‘Mark V’, one that would help avoid nuclear war (and ultimately a dooms day scenario) but be a decisive strike. Things went even more pear shaped, when the E.U suffering from mass starvation and resource shortages, declared war on Russia, and with a large force, launched an offensive to gain control of oil rich siberia and the fertile western Russian lands. The U.S balked at this, and withdrew its support for the E.U. Russia had become a mutual ally after its Eastern regions had been invaded by the PRC, attacks by the E.U damaged the relationship, and the U.S was finding itself looking at a new frontline against a new foe. By the year 2028 with the war going against them, the U.S Government ordered the first prototype weapon ‘Mark V’ to be tested against the PRC mainland. Without fully understanding what they were to unleash, the Bomb was dropped on a small town by a long range bomber sowing the first seeds of a fatal virus amongst the Chinese population, and eventually beyond.

Two years on, with the war finally coming to a close the U.S was left to face the damage the nine year conflict had caused back home, growing unrest, fears the Mark V virus would make an appearance on the homeland and sightings of strange events in the expanding wilderness would all soon accumulate into the final blow that would mark the end of the United States many had come to either love or hate.

  1. Christopher Moody says:

    damn, there goes my idea of retireing in 15 years lol.

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