The Panthers Claws

La República Revolucionaria De Los Pueblos or La República for short, originally stemmed from a series of events that began in what was once known as Venezuela. Like much of the world at that time during the mid 2010s, an intense food shortage off set by global warming was beginning to take serious effect, and in regards to third world states, had created a hunger epidemic that mirrored the famine that had engulfed Somalia for much of its most recent history. The result was none other then a wave of dangerous revolutions and rebellions, a collapse of all law and order, and a dismissal of the U.N. (more so than usual that is) in those territories. The most famous states ever to be born from these Revolutions was none other than the Caliphate in the Middle East, a product of a series of Arab uprisings, which had began during the Arab spring itself in 2010. However similar events also occurred elsewhere in the world, with various degrees of success. In the year 2015, Venezuela found itself in a difficult situation, its Government, realising that the scope of poverty in its country was spreading rapidly, decided that in order to take peoples minds of their economic woes declared war and invaded U.S backed Colombia. The war was short, and exceptionally bloody, the end result being a humiliating defeat for the Venezuelan military, whom from that day forth began to hold a growing grudge with the local Government. The defeat also had an immense impact on the people whom starving and penniless found their pride vanishing faster than the Amazon rainforest. The numerous Socialist militant groups spread throughout the country began to gain support, distrust and distaste for the ruling parties grew, but it was not enough to enable a mass rebellion. The people of Venezuela, if not much of South America deeply feared the expanding menace which was spreading towards them from the North; The Drug lords.

For years Mexico had been slowly falling apart as it waged war against the Drug barons whom had split the country between themselves. By 2016 it was safe to say that Mexico was in reality more of a convenient name for a region rather then a state. The entire country save for the capital and some surrounding regions had fallen into the hands of the Drug cartels. The Mexican army had overthrown the Government and in effect became a Cartel unto itself. These Cartels either by accident or perhaps direct support began to help other Cartels in other regions, and soon every country running up to the border of Colombia between it and Mexico was associated with Drug Lord territories dotted with small City states fighting to maintain their own sovereignty. Rumours and reports of the terrors these Cartels inflicted on its victims had become widespread way before the Revolutions themselves, and they had often reinforced fears of local Cartels, whom perhaps not as powerful, still maintained a strangle hold on their communities. Other factors that created unease, the emergence of ‘pirates’ in the Caribbean sea, the spread of the Holy Death Cults, favoured in particular by the Cartels themselves. Another was the growing power of a mysterious Cult that practiced ritual torture and murder, a South American version of the Thuggee Cult one that would later come to use the effects of the Mark V Virus created by the U.S. All these things kept the vaguely stable states to maintain some form of unity in the face of such dangers.

Rise of the Republic

That was however until a Local Drug Cartel discovered a way to take advantage of the system, with the money they had made from selling their illegal merchandise via the underground drug trafficking industry, they slowly began to make powerful links with socialist militant groups and likeminded politicians (or paying them to join the movement given high levels of corruption). They soon created a large enough Party-controlled force of thugs to beat any opposition into submission. Violence aside, playing on the fears and hatreds of the locals, they soon found themselves growing in popularity. Soon they were spreading outside the very borders of Venezuela itself, funding Militants and insurgents across Colombia, Northern Brazil, Ecuador, Suriname and Guyana. In the year 2017, the newly named ‘Revolutionary Movement’ marched on Caracas the capital city, and after a brief coup, took control.

Almost immediately the now renamed La República began aggressively expanding. Using its insurgent allies in Colombia and other neighbouring states, it began to slowly take apart its enemies piece by piece, by 2021 with the U.S at war with China in the opening shots of WW3, the Republic invaded its neighbours bulldozing the smaller weaker countries into submission but coming into an open war with an otherwise neutral Brazil. Brazil being far richer (though its economic growth had been considerably dented now that China was no longer to trade anymore en masse due to the war) with a far better army was able to defeat the Republics Conventional forces in most cases, but the Republicans Government, employed and supported the numerous gangs that ranged throughout their new enemy causing Brazil to focus its armed forces elsewhere. With that, the Republic, using its irregular troops, swarmed into the Roraima region and Northern Amazonas, and promptly annexed them. Back in Colombia and Ecuador, the Republic would be eternally faced with uprisings and insurgencies until its collapse in 2050.

War and collapse.

By 2023, the Republic began reorganising its Army into one large force, although the Army would not be as advanced as most Western armies, it grew to a respectable size. Composed of various weapons and vehicles from around the world, it was called the ‘Caliphate of the Amazon’. By 2024 the republic declared war on the U.S, France and Great Britain. Allying itself with Cuba and Argentina it played a major part in the invasion and annexation of numerous British Overseas territories, assaults on U.S bases, and an all out invasion of French Guiana. Fortunately for the Republic, only the undermanned bases of the U.S posed any true resistance. In 2025 the Republic made an Alliance with China, in the same year it annexed Haiti and threatened Jamaica. The Jamaicans turned to the U.S for help, the Americans only too happy to oblige, sent an expeditionary force to break the Republics hold. With most of the U.Ss forces abroad fighting the Chinese, the Expeditionary force was primarily made up of members exiled from the Republic, Mercenaries and rehired veterans. These waged a war with the Republic until the U.S itself was engulfed by civil war after WW3. Attempts were made to retake overseas territories by France and Britain also. France sent the Foreign Legion, achieving only so much (the majority of its forces were pressed into service fighting in the European army against Russia). Britain itself was during this time in a state of Civil war, but its army which had been effectively exiled to Sweden and the Falklands by the Fascist government out of fears it would rebel promised to continue defending its now abandoned Overseas territories. Relying largely on European supplies and despite becoming engulfed in the war with Russia, it managed to send its own force to liberate British islands in the Caribbean but also ultimately failed.

The Republic continued, like the Caliphate to pose itself as an international nuisance, even claiming it was capable of invading war torn Florida in the 2030s, though it was promptly put of when a large force of EN-4s rampaged through the U.S state. However by 2049, the rise of the Commonwealth spelt doom for the Republic. The Mark V virus had already dented the republics population (and turned many into slavering cannibals) but one of the Commonwealths members; Britain had not forgotten the humiliation of losing its overseas dependencies to the Republic. On putting its case forward for liberating the islands and teaching the Republic a lesson in manners the Commonwealth declared war and with support from Brazil smashed the South American state apart, leaving what remained to be left at the mercy of the Amazonian wilderness.


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