The Sphere

The Sphere of Creation

The economic downfall offset during the late 00s, had a radical effect on Space science and exploration. Yet despite the cuts to Nasa, the limited technology (if not growing tech) of Russia, China and India the only department which was beginning to make swift advancements in Space faring technology was Europe, and none other than a combination of British independent firms working with international partners on a commercial basis. However, science as a whole came to be persecuted and punished, and not just on an economic scale. Signs of agitation and general contempt for the scientific community first seemed to develop in Great Britain and the U.S, and slowly started to spread into other Western states. In the year 2013 much to the surprise of China and India: two nations who had relied on co-operation with the West to develop their own technology they soon found their old partners vanishing into the cracks of a society that was looking to anything to blame for the growing danger which presented itself in the form of Climate change.
Indeed, although the ‘Space’ community had little to do with the science of climate change, none the less, when a hurricane half the size of Katrina decimated southern France and Middle Italy, they too along with other sections became the targets of a strange Terrorist styled Cult.
However that is not to say that the entire community vanished, many governments quickly implemented defence schemes, and soon isolated towns whose very objective was to continue developing new energy or space technology were formed, but for the most part, these were funded, if not completely influenced by big businesses. The sole idea being technology for money, whether this be robotics, weapons, space technology to GM crops and renewables.
This though in some places made things worse, the U.K in the grip of civil unrest by the year 2014 had its Central Government in London, caught between a terrific mess of groups, from English Nationalists, to Scottish separatist socialists or nationalists, to British Nationalists or Unionists and Irish Republicans, Armed gangs of criminals and religious fanatics, droves of angry unemployed Welshmen, but none were so deadly and perhaps as stubborn as a wave of Socialist youngsters, mislead by a gang of overly-violent ‘communists’. And by no means did these people take any kind consideration to anyone who was employed by big corporations and businesses, even if it was the only way to survive a radically changing world. Those British scientists born and bred on their home island had no choice to flee, but it became clear that they were prisoners, not men and women working for a living and for a passion. Their corporate masters had no desire to see them leave. On mainland Europe things were far more calmer politically, but a mild layer of distrust was still building up, to many people, ignorant of what warnings had been given before, the terrible Hurricane Europe proved in their minds proof that scientists were just as corrupt as politicians.
When a number of devastating attacks on scientists across Europe shattered any hopes of salvaging that historically peaceful existence, plans were quickly devised to escape. The escape was limited in what it achieved, for only a handful of top scientists escaped the mayhem, others were captured, some killed. The end result was a Europe more than willing to press gang any form of talent into Prison labs, for the sake of advancement in a coming storm.

No one knew what happened to these escapees, a number of Governments claimed that many had defected to China, which was showing signs of increased military aggression, others claimed they had fled to the U.S (which the American authorities constantly denied, but never helped by refusing to pursue arrest warrants of such individuals on U.S soil) MI6 tracked down some links to Fiji and the Falklands, whilst a French Government agency reported it had captured a minor escapee who was apparently doing ‘business’ in Dubai. None of these links produced fruit though, and by 2016, the world was more concerned with fighting the Caliphate and Chinese Military and economic attacks. The Scientific community had been forcefully torn asunder, and would be more so by the war, but in the years leading up to 2021, two distinct groups would form, that would forever change the world.


Science and Aerospace Technology Development Unit was set up in the mid-late 2020s. During the escape, many had fled to the U.S, meeting up with sympathetic and some extremely wealthy beings from North and South America and even other self-exiled Europeans. Others had escaped to Japan, to quickly form deals with the Japanese government, deals which for the most part never came to be for various reasons. After a few months of debates and planning, the Escapees formed a Coalition with their sympathisers known as the ‘Sphere of Creation’, disguised as a minor branch of a large company, the Sphere members soon fled to Greenland, setting up base on an isolated fjord. Although at first rather poor and under funded, the Sphere managed to create an advanced base, with the outbreak of 2021, many of their sympathisers soon came to reside with them, increasing funding, and more importantly:Protection.
By 2024 a port was built to ensure an easy income of supplies, a year later, a small private army was formed, a unit of highly skilled troops from around the world, top equipment was bought or developed. Soon in the summer months of 2026 the Sphere made a discovery that quickly prompted it to create S.A.T.D, a unit primarily designed to handle Space technology and advanced weaponry. The discovery was none other than S.A.T.Y.R.


What S.A.T.Y.R stands for is unknown, but what it is, is well known to many a secret agency across the globe, including the Sphere of Creation. S.A.T.Y.R is an alliance of Corporations set up in 2013, big businesses and large tech industries, who before the war, arguably had more influence and more control over what went on in the world than any Government. What makes S.A.T.Y.R stand out though in comparison to other minor corporation alliances or big industries like Microsoft was what it did. Becoming one of the major investors and suppliers of fossil fuels, and the biggest group of funders for space and weapons tech, S.A.T.Y.R devised a plan to expand upon a Russian project to attempt to discover and extract natural elements such as Iron or nuclear materials from other outside objects: for the most part, asteroids, or natural floating space debris. Having developed a competitor to the 2011 space ship prototype ‘Skylon’ a vessel capable of taking of and landing like a plane with little trouble entering space, S.A.T.Y.R poured money into the development of even more advanced space faring vessels. When it was devised that it would be cheaper and easier to use robots to extract minerals, they soon began a rapid project into the creation of EN-4 which would become the second humanoid styled robot to enter space (the first having had worked on the ISS in 2010) the development was so rapid, and so unique in comparison to the slow nature of such complicated projects that S.A.T.Y.R did all within its power to keep the project secret, for fear that if word got out, it would spark competition that could ruin markets and perhaps potentially outrun S.A.T.Y.Rs own progress. By 2020, despite the persecution of scientists in Europe, S.A.T.Y.R had kept its personal out of harms way, moved to the U.S, and had already formed links with Nasa and the U.S military, who came to blindly fund S.A.T.Y.Rs project with little clue as to what was going on. In 2021, S.A.T.Y.R had completed and combined both its primary projects, the mission was quickly put into action, and despite increased space rubbish caused by the destruction of various satellites in the opening shots of the war, S.A.T.Y.R launched the vessel ‘New Dawn’ into space, a ship many claimed was far ahead of its time.
For three years ‘New Dawn’ floated about the solar system, landing on various chunks of rock, careful as not to alter their route towards Earth, with its crew of en-4s it would mine what it could find, and move on. It was when New Dawn was to return home with its cargo that something happened. In the official report, it was claimed a malfunction was caused when ‘New Dawn’ passed through a high radiation zone around Jupiter and probably sucked into the orbit of numerous floating objects and destroyed. The truth was discovered much later, when the Spheres first probe upon nearing Jupiter’s Moon Europa in 2026, took images of a strange square like shadow on the smooth surface of the small globe. After a lot of work on the fuzzy photos, followed by a difficult period of re-arranging the probes route, they discovered that S.A.T.Y.Rs creation had not been destroyed, but it had definitely undergone some form of malfunction, and had to the Spheres members perhaps reverted back to previous orders and made more advanced steps in extracting resources. The shadowed square was none other than an unusually large liquid pump, the ‘New Dawn’ vessel pictured nearby in some icy crater.
It was assumed that the EN-4s were stranded, perhaps frozen over if they exposed themselves to the immense freeze of space. All in all they couldn’t have survived long.
That assumption however was short lived when the probe took more photographs of similar structures, only to lose contact and vanish upon nearing an orbit overlooking a very large building. It was to great a surprise for Nasa back in the U.S on night shift at a new Space Radiation Research and Measurement centre recorded a sudden surge of radioactivity over above normal levels in space at a similar location to where the probe was lost, levels that could only be explained in the case of a detonation of a nuclear bomb.

  1. Christopher Moody says:

    Nice to see there is at least one group of clear good guys in the whole mess

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