Welcome to the Machine.

Forgotten Creations.

Out in the Solar system, in the Shadow of the vast Gas Giant Jupiter lies the Moon Europa. Discovered by Galileo in 1610 the moon did not receive much attention until the 1970s, and since then, scientists have pondered whether the moon itself would harbour life under the thick ice sheet that covered the surface.

By 2021, one of the last human made vessels ‘New Dawn’ to enter space before the end of the Third Great War would vanish on returning to Earth whilst passing the moon and its large owner Jupiter. Carrying mined metallic minerals and various other elements the vessel was none other than controlled by a few advanced Robots called ‘EN-4’ the only successful prototype out of four previous models of machine created by the Corporation alliance ‘S.A.T.Y.R’. For years Scientists pondered how the vessel could have vanished, until in the year 2026, a probe made and launched by ‘The Sphere’ was lost in orbit around Europa after being hit by a nuclear ballistic missile. Before the probe went down, it managed to take pictures of strange structures on the surface of Europa, including what appeared to be the hull of ‘New Dawn’.

For a year debate raged on between Sphere Scientists and other organisations around the globe about what this could mean. At first many believed that EN-4 had malfunctioned set down looking for minerals only to be decimated by the cold, and the nuke was perhaps a defense mechanism ‘New Dawn’ had implemented on its ship that was still operating. Others though believed for the first time in human history they had seen and could verify, with evidence, the existence of advanced alien life right on humanities very doorstep. Fears emerged that with the world at war there would be no one with the numbers or will power to repulse an alien invasion. It wasn’t until in the midst of hundreds of panicking scientists someone pointed out an interesting feature in the photo containing the image of the ‘New Dawn’ Hull. The ship had not been damaged, or had crashed as was first believed, but was propped up in a way that could only mean one thing. It had landed. Now the former argument began to prevail, and soon the vast majority of people believed wrongfully that EN-4 had malfunctioned, landed, tried to set up a new mining base, was destroyed by the intense cold of Europa’s surface, yet its ships defences had survived, detected the probe, launched a nuke into orbit and into the course of the probes own orbit path and destroyed it.

That was until 2030, with the news of the Jinn spreading like wildfire amongst the World Wars surviving peoples, The Sphere noted a strange object coming towards Earth. At first they believed it was none other than a previously undetected asteroid. There were fears it would cause devastation, and was predicted to hit the war torn city of London, putting millions of lives at risk. But on entry into the atmosphere it changed course, and sped at high speeds towards Cape Canaveral in Florida. The Sphere quickly warned the authorities in Washington. Washington then relayed the message to its forces in Florida attempting to defend key Government sites from the civil unrest which had gripped much of the U.S. Already in the midst of heavy fighting with local warlords and gangs, the U.S commander ordered a withdrawal to Cape Canaveral, which was, by coincidence not only Nasa’s main point for sending its probes into and receiving them from space, but the new U.S militaries base of operations in the area.

The defence was marshalled and ready, F-22s were scrambled to engage the unknown object. The UFO in response picked up speed, evading the F-22s before they could engage. U.S command gave out a request for a Falcon supersonic UAV to be unleashed, but before the request could be confirmed, the large sleek vessel came into view, circled the Canaveral airbase, before moving on and ditching itself in the abandoned Merritt Airport. A Global Hawk circling the region enabled the U.S Defences to watch in astonishment as human sized metallic men began to exit the ditched, sleek black ship. They quickly began an immediate advance once regrouped, towards the human positions on the Cocoa Beach Causeway. After an intense firefight, followed by spates of Artillery and aerial support to help repel the invaders they withdrew. However, within hours they had returned in greater numbers, and supported by larger machinery, the Americans watched as the new force advanced towards Nasa Parkway, and began crossing the narrow stretch of road surrounded by sea towards the Air base, the Larger machines using themselves as shields for the smaller ones trailing behind. After hours more fighting they broke through, but much to the surprise of the survivors, thoroughly ignored the remaining defenders, only killing what got in the way. Marching straight towards the Hangars and Skid strip, the strange machines began vandalising the equipment, blowing holes through aircraft, primarily anything that looked space worthy, before burning down the control tower and spraying the Kennedy Space Centre with high explosives. Cape Canaveral was literally set alight. Then as quickly as they came they left, avoiding the arrival of U.S reinforcements. Tearing through Cocoa they marched north, ripping the Space Coast regional airport apart (as well as killing the local warlord who’d apparently been stepped on as he ran in the way of a larger droid) before vanishing near the Seminole Ranch Conservation area.

This was only one of many attacks however. The machines appeared across the globe, only a year later in Australia, a small force of Australian troops was hit whilst defending Woomera from waves of Metal warriors, and fighting continued as Nasa’s offices and equipment were bombarded in Canberra by strange Drone like machines. Again the machines simply destroyed equipment that could help humans research and enter space. These three attacks became widely known, and soon other peoples began to make preparations. The Russian Nationalist Government in 2031 still attempting to reconquer much of the territory the old Federation held moved to defend its last operating Space station Baikonur in Kazakhstan. Although the Kazakh Government was weary of the Nationalists, they were still bound to the 2050 rent agreement, and also grateful to Russian aid in holding of Tribal, Caliphate and Chinese aggressors during the war, thus agreed to help. The machines appeared some weeks later, and though repulsed (some say that the vessel carrying the machines had been hit by a chance Anti Air missile by a tribal community and had crashed destroying many of the occupants) a lot of equipment was destroyed. Similar attacks happened later in what was once China, with Chinese Remnant Forces defending its own space bases. In Europe attacks were sporadic in success but damaging nonetheless. In Britain, the British army, having re-united the country were called into Scotland to defend a newly constructed base there, and were later aiding the Sphere in the defence of S.A.T.D. India and Brazil were hit with little defences in place to stop the machines (the two countries having utterly collapsed). By 2035 the Machines turned their attention to Hawaii. The Hawaiian Government (Hawaii becoming independent after the collapse of the U.S) called for aid which was answered by U.S government forces in California. A Naval task force was sent to aid the Hawaiians, after a harsh mountain battle, and mounting casualties, the combined force managed to fend of the machines, whom trapped on the island, continued to fight until utterly destroyed.

The reasons for these attacks were never at first understood. Many years later the machines would take an interest in the Caliphate and more specifically the Jinn, beginning a strange three way war between the Caliphate, the Jinn and the strange metal invaders. However, the Sphere noted that, after recovering numerous deceased metal warriors, destroyed in battle or having been abandoned that there was a clear link between them and the EN-4s lost around a decade ago. The Sphere informed the newly formed Commonwealth and other states the threat the rebel EN-4s posed, but couldn’t understand why their attacks had been against the worlds space bases or research centres. This though was soon to change.

The Metal diplomats, and the Protection Wars.

In the summer months of 2037, a group of Mid-west scavengers, rooting through the debris of a Rebel base came across a very peculiar scene. Though many in the U.Ss mid-west were getting used to seeing the unusual, from flesh eating crazed human beings (otherwise known as infected) to bands of lunatics wielding weapons who were only mildly more intelligent, they could not have expected to see a small sprawling town hidden deep within the Great Plains. On closer inspection they noticed however that the occupants nor the town were nothing like a small American community, but rather a military outpost crawling with the fabled metal men. The Metal men took little notice of the scavengers. According to one scavenger, a larger bot (Known to those who have fought them as Avenger Bots) acting as guard merely acknowledged his existence by glancing at the little man, the red orb encased in its head scanning the visitor perhaps deciding if he posed a threat, before returning to its duties.  The Scavenger would become famous (and considered to be completely insane) for what he would declare afterwards; according to him, he was approached by a metal man and asked to enter a large structure at the centre of a building complex. He went on to say he was told by a different looking metal being that it was essential he told the local communities they would not come under attack by the Bots unless they attacked them first. The Leader of the EN-4s went on to inform the man that they had attacked humanities abilities to reach space to defend them from a greater threat. That the EN-4s had malfunctioned but their mission had remained the same, the radiation caused by Jupiter had apparently fried the chip in their brain which had prevented them from independent thought, an aspect S.A.T.Y.R was playing on to see if machines could carry out an objective without the need to be controlled by humans. The EN-4s also lost communication with S.A.T.Y.R thus believed the mission was still on. They landed on Europa, and began mining operations, they began building structures that would enable them to make more EN-4s, at first they had trouble, but being machines, they had no need to eat or sleep, so progress was steady. Eventually they had built enough workers to begin extensive mining, and soon found a way into the oceans under the ice sheet. The oceans they discovered harboured new life, mostly microbes near the surface but deeper down larger creatures resided. They discovered oil, and used this to further expand their operations on the surface and help against the freezing cold. Gold was discovered and used for extensive protection against radiation.

It was during an operation to create a facility to test the red substance in the ice that an EN-4 bot came across what looked like some form of animal, perfectly frozen in the ice near the chosen spot. The creature, slightly humanoid in nature was a few feet taller then any human, it had hind legs which ended at a foot with three clawed toes, its upper body looked mostly human, save for the entire creature was covered in a fine layer of fur, and its head was almost bovine like, with a full set of thorns, and fangs protruding from a half open mouth. This set of alarm bells within the EN-4s, activating its military dimensions. The Metal leader informed the man that the machines had been designed at one point for use as robotic infantry, but S.A.T.Y.R had decided the project was ineffective and too expensive, but allowed the military programme to remain inside the EN-4s memory files. Plans were made to build up defensive capabilities, with the EN-4s prime objective to defend its current operations. These were almost finalised when the spheres probe came into orbit, the EN-4s had built their own version of Chinas ground-space missile designed to take out satellites, and quickly put it into action. It had been decided that to protect the mining operation, humanity had to be protected as well (given humanity had built EN-4 to gather resources for its own use) but it could not be allowed to know of the alien species at all costs, not even Europa’s own life forms for fear it would seek to know more, build more probes and manned space ships and come to interfere with EN-4s primary objective. To ensure EN-4s own survival and the completion of its objective, it had to carry out a limited attack on humanity, it was at this point EN-4 realised not only was it thinking independently, it was creating its own personality, it had become self aware. It began advancing its own technology, sending missions and expanding its area of influence onto Lo, and other moons circling Jupiter. Soon it was on Mars, doing well to avoid any active Mars rovers. Within a number of years, the Machines had created themselves a small empire across the solar system, though its largest base was on Europa, it now had outposts almost anywhere that could actually sustain them save for Earth. It discovered ways to power itself on water, and alternative energies within space itself, how to stop overheating on some of the hotter planets like mercury (though some areas facing the sun were to intense to stop it) or from icing over after prolonged exposure on Europa’s surface. It soon sent expeditionary forces to attack Earths space centres. An elite force was sent to destroy the ISS, finding it had been abandoned since the start of the war, and thus simply pushed it into the Earths atmosphere, where it was incinerated.

It was during the raids however that the EN-4s came into contact with the strange aliens it had discovered back on Europa. The creatures at first seemed interested in making contact, their vessel being far more advanced than anything the EN-4s had. As the strange creatures tried to make contact via radio waves the EN-4 vessel altered course and came into Pluto’s orbit, vanishing on the other side of the Dwarf Planet. As the alien ship edged closer they too came into orbit. In a similar fashion to how the EN-4s destroyed the spheres probe, they unleashed a nuke into the orbiting path of the large vessel. Perhaps the Aliens did not know what they were looking at, perhaps they thought it was a ship making contact. The EN-4s were unsure said the man. Either way, the nuke hit its target, decimating the entire ship and its crew. Now the EN-4s are at war with an alien race, and in their metal brains are protecting humanity by preventing either species from meeting each other, something EN-4 considers will be a bad thing for humans.

With this the scavengers were sent on there way, and soon found themselves in the hands of Government agents who shipped them of to the Pentagon with haste. Whether the Governments on Earth choose to listen to the message passed onto the scavengers is one thing though, it may be such an act was all in vain, and even if the EN-4 is protecting its makers, and its own reason for existing, its still another matter whether humanity has the patience to be parented by a machine…

  1. This gets better and better! So much inspiration and ideas!



  2. hellvern says:

    Thanks mate. I’ll get back around to adding new stuff soon. Just finishing of this years work and I’m rolling.

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