New stuff for July (So far)!

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hey all, its been a while since the last post! However, here is the latest stuff up for grabs for all you Modern/Near near future war gamers out there!

First up we have some new releases from Elhiem! Recently Matt has extended the British Osprey range, adding much needed heavy weapons, mortars and snipers/sharpshooters, allowing folks to now field a complete British unit with all the necessary equipment! Here are some pics from Elhiem’s site! If you want to get a better look at them, head on over there and take a peak (for some reason the site dislikes these pictures, so they aren’t the proper size!).


Next is a release from Hobbyden! Hobbyden have recently re-released a BTR 60PB; This vehicle can be used from 1961 onwards to the present day, it is used by dozens of countries today, some containing 100s of working BTR-60PBs in their military inventories currently. Russia also has plenty of them in reserve, though its unknown how many are operable. I’ll certainly be getting some to bolster my Caliphate army in the future! 

Next is a very interesting release by MJ Figures these were released in late June, so i’m a bit late brining the news here; they have recently been releasing some troops for use in the Georgian forces for the 2008 Ossetian war; they will also be good for current Georgian troops, despite the countries overhaul of its forces following the War. Here is a small pic of their first release, more will be on their way pretty soonish!

On a final note, S&S Models also has released (as well as re-released) some new stuff this month. S&S has refurbished the old BTR80 resin model, and has redone the two different turret options (one for a BTR80 and the other a BTR80a), recently on the guild wargames S&S showed these pics to give an idea of whats now available;

Other releases included the following;

A Unimog!

And this strange looking vehicle listed as a SWB open Cab (the crew, storage and bull bar is all extra pieces and not sold with the item, as far as I know)

S&S has also released some more scenery pieces, such as destroyed vehicles, craters and rubble etc to help litter your battlefield with some stuff for your troops to fight over/hide behind! So do go and check it out!


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