From another’s Perspective… And newer releases, plus French on the way!

Posted: July 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

I thought I’d take time out today to show off some other people’s blogs. Although numerous individuals are against showing of other peoples stuff or sort of blog advertising, I personally have nothing against it, and it offers different views, ideas etc that I may not have, and may fill the holes that other viewers and passers by may be looking for. 

Today I thought I’d show of the following two blogs that belong to two members of the Guild Wargames; Winttrix’s ‘Ultramodern war’ ( and Gowan’s ‘Oronegro’ Project ( and both have extremely good idea’s or concepts in which to base your near future stuff, and certainly employ the ‘make believe’ state to their advantage in staging their miniature conflicts. Winttrix’s blog seems to follow the more Eastern European/Arma 2 where an Ex-Soviet state becomes the hot zone between the West and Russia, whereas in Gowan’s it is more of a case of a multitude of factions facing of against each other in a South American state which also happens to have its own agenda. Both i’d say are more on the ball then my World War 3 scenario, as I do not believe they have any plans to go crazy with zombies, aliens, robots and other monsters roaming about the place as humanity exits a brutal and horrendous war. Furthermore, at least where I stand, they definitely paint stuff better then I did when I was at the same age, and in some cases utterly exceed me! 

So do go and check them out! 

Next up is a next set of releases, this time from Under Fire Miniatures! Who has expanded his Osprey British range! I think the detail on these figures is awesome, and go very well with Elhiems stuff (beforehand some of Elhiems stuff was smaller, but its caught up in scale!) Check em out!




As a sidenote, I don’t believe I reported the release of the new ZANLA African’s by Under Fire miniatures, and its worth checking them out as well as their purposes and numerous indeed!

To finish the entry of is something I’m quite excited about, check these guys out that Elhiem is working on…


Modern French soldiers! FINALLY! They are still works in progress, but expect to see these guys about soon!

Elhiem is also replacing the USMC sniper team which he had to remove from sales due to the mould being worn out; here is the latest more accurate and longer lasting mould Mark 2 USMC sniper team! 




  1. commissarmoody says:

    Thanks for the links and the up dates.

  2. hellvern says:

    No probs mate! Good to see your still around!

  3. gowan says:

    thanks buddy for the advertising… I like your site and i do recall posting something about it on my blog

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